Roy Williams Monday Quotes

North Carolina head coach Roy Williams answered questions from reporters via teleconference on Monday.

On Bobby Frasor's status after re-injuring his foot against Virginia Tech -

"It's not broken, that's the only information we have. They did look at it when we returned Saturday night. They did the X-Ray yesterday. It is not broken, it's just sore. We have no set timetable whatsoever. We'll just have to back off a little bit and see what happens."

On Wayne Ellington's recent shooting struggles -

"He has struggled if you look at the numbers, but if you go back and look at the shots he's really had a lot of shots to go all the way in and come back out. It's not like a guy shooting airballs or anything like that. A lot of those puts on the golf course lip out for a week or two and then all of a sudden they start falling in. I don't think he's doing anything mechanically wrong. He's taking good shots and I think it'll turn around. The second possible thing is the level of competition we're playing in the ACC is a little bigger, quicker, stronger, can challenge your shot from a little farther off, so that's probably in there, too. But if you really do go look back the last three of four games, he's shot several of them that have gone all the way in and then come back out."

On Quentin Thomas' progression at point guard –

"He's got to do everything better and continue to improve. But there's also some other competition there. I had a question the other day if I saw Q moving up to the 20-30 minute range, and if that's the case you have to sit down Ty – who's playing pretty well - and you have to sit down Bobby. We're very fortunate to have three guys that I have confidence in. And I think Q has more confidence himself than he's had at any point in his career and that helps his play as well. We're just looking for him to continue to improve in every area of the game and be ready when called upon."

On Brandan Wright's free-throw shooting performance against Virginia Tech -

"Well, 1-for-8 is a big struggle, there's no question about that. He's never been a 90 percent free throw shooter, but he was doing about as we expected until this last game. Up until that time, I think he was shooting a lower percentage than we wanted, but at about what we expected. We think continually over time, guys' free throw percentage will get better because of how much we emphasize shooting form and shooting technique. But he has some funky things going on with his shot that we've known since he got here and we continue to work on that."

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