Paulus Will Meet Shoop Thursday

Since North Carolina hired John Shoop, Tar Heel pledge Mike Paulus has been in frequent contact with UNC's new offensive coordinator.

"I don't know a lot about him, but from what I hear and what I'm told he's pretty good," said Paulus. "Obviously, he has coached in the NFL for 12 years and is a young guy – he's only 37.

"If Coach Davis thinks he's going to do it, then he's the man."

North Carolina called Paulus the day Shoop was hired and Paulus received his first chance to speak to Shoop. The two have talked every other day since.

"The first day I talked to him we kind of talk about his background and he just informed me what he wanted to do," said Paulus.

Although he's still getting to know Shoop, Paulus has been impressed thus far.

"I think once I get to sit down and talk to him in person, I'll get a better idea [about him]," said Paulus. "He's a nice guy and he seems to know what he's talking about."

Paulus will receive his first opportunity to sit down and talk to Shoop in person Thursday when the former Oakland Raiders offensive coordinator travels to Syracuse to meet Paulus.

This weekend Paulus will be in Chapel Hill for his official visit as he has ironed out his schedule.

"I was going to go on [my official visit] Friday, but I have a basketball game on Friday so I couldn't," said Paulus. "And then I was going to postpone it to the third of February, but by then it's too late to help recruiting purposes.

"So what I'm going to do, I'll get in Saturday morning and then I'll be there for the weekend. I'm excited to get there, because Ryan Houston, Tydreke Powell and some other guys are going to be there so I'm exited to talk to them."

In the meantime, Paulus is still working the phones and keeping up with UNC targets.

"I just talked to Dwight Jones [Monday]. We talked about his visit to Tennessee and what he's thinking," said Paulus. "And then I talked to Greg Little a couple of days ago to just see where he's sitting with Notre Dame."

At Syracuse (N.Y.) Christian Brothers, Paulus' focus is his basketball season. After getting off to a rocky start, CBA has won its last four games to improve its record to 5-7.

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