UNC-CU: Roy Williams Quotes (w/audio)

CLEMSON, S.C. --- North Carolina coach Roy Williams spoke to reporters following the Tar Heels' 77-55 win over the Tigers on Wednesday at Littlejohn Coliseum. Read and listen to what he had to say…

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Well, I think it would be an understatement to say it was much better effort, much better intensity and much better execution than it was on Saturday. We still...freshmen on the road. We had three times where we're dribbling up the court and they stole the ball three times from the freshmen. I told them now their freshman year is over with and you can't do that anymore. We did bring some intensity today and we did attack today. Clemson is a pressing team, and I always feel that if you attack a pressing team you've got a chance to gain an advantage yourself. If you are just being conservative getting it across the 10-second line, then once you got it you allow them to set up their defense. So, we did want to attack. Take the ball to the basket, get the ball inside, move the ball and to be much more aggressive than we were on Saturday.

And the other thing was to guard people. I think we did a better job of guarding people. When you look at the stats, they had 18 points off turnovers in the first half, and so many of those were out in front so they're just running it down the court and laying it up. I challenged them that if you stop turning the ball over from the 10-second line, or stop throwing it out from the post, then you've got a better chance of being in the basketball game and doing what we tell them to do if we make them score against our defense. We still had a whole lot of turnovers in the second half, but at least they weren't all layups for them.

It was a performance...I'm very proud of our kids. It's been a tough two or three days since Saturday, because it was one of the few times I could ever say that I didn't think we competed or played hard or played intelligently. But I think we did those things much, much better tonight. And let's be honest about it, we caught Clemson on a night when the ball wasn't going in the hole for them. I'm not trying to make excuses, not even counting the free throws, they had some open shots the ball didn't go in, and that always makes your defense look a heck of a lot better. Saturday, we felt like we were trying to guard somebody, but Virginia Tech just drilled us and shot 54 percent for the game. Up until that time teams had been shooting about 40 percent against us for 16 games.

We feel better to say the least. I'm very proud of Tyler. Monday afternoon at practice he took about as hard a fall as I've ever seen anybody take. He did not practice Tuesday. If we had played the game last night, he would not have been able to play. It was a tough last couple of days for him, but I thought he played well and rebounded well.

I like Clemson's club. [James] Mays played great. He's a load for anybody to try to guard. And I've always like their guards [Cliff] Hammonds and [Vernon] Hamilton.

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