Wooten Coming to UNC this Weekend

North Carolina pledge Jay Wooten will be in Chapel Hill this weekend not only for his official visit, but also to help the Tar Heels' with their recruiting efforts during their biggest recruiting weekend of the year.

"I'm coming this weekend [for my official visit] – the 19th with everybody else," said Wooten. "Basically, it was up to me, whatever I thought would be a good weekend. I just decided to go ahead and take it when everybody else was so I could get to know all of the guys better, and maybe work on a few guys and get a few more commitments out of the weekend. We'll see how it goes."

Earlier in the week, North Carolina began to tie up any loose ends in Wooten's recruitment by sending Kenny Browning to Laurinburg for an in-home visit.

"He came by Monday, chatted with us a little bit, ate dinner with us, answered all of our questions, just kind of told us what's going on in the program – changes and transitions, just got to know him a little bit better and he got to know my family," said Wooten. "It was definitely a great visit. I'm glad he got a chance to come down and see us."

One of the hot topics of the night was who will be Wooten's position coach, since former special teams coach Andre Powell was dismissed.

"We talked about that a little bit," said Wooten. "A lot of universities don't even have a specific special teams coach. What they do, they usually coach special teams as well as another position.

"I'm really not sure who would do that – who's been involved with [special teams] in the past. But that's no problem with me. However they get that worked out, I'm just glad to be a part of it."

It was somewhat surprising for Browning to make the trip instead of Tommy Thigpen, who has handled all of Wooten's recruitment from the beginning.

"[Browning] just said everybody is on the road right now just seeing whoever they can," said Wooten. "I think everything's just kind of helter skelter and they've just been kind of trying to work it out to see all the commitments whenever they can."

Regardless, the communication between Wooten and UNC hasn't missed a beat.

"Nothing has slacked off, everything's been normal, I talk to Coach Thigpen almost daily," said Wooten. "Ever since the summer I've been talking to him and keeping up. Everything seems in order and I'm just excited to become a Tar Heel."

Wooten's recent focus has been preparing for when he finally becomes a Tar Heel.

"I'm still kicking and punting the ball – working on my leg," said Wooten. "I'm really going to start getting in shape – running, doing some sprints – just to build up my stamina before I report. They're supposed to send a regiment for the freshmen soon, but until then I'm still kicking and lifting weights right now."

Wooten ended his senior season by converting 40-of-44 extra points (91%) and 7-of-12 field goals.

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