Dykes Sits Down with Pittman

In an effort to seal the deal with a former pledge, North Carolina sent newly hired offensive line coach Sam Pittman to Pittsburgh on Wednesday to meet Mike Dykes.

"We had a nice, long talk," said Dykes. "He gave me his background, I gave him my background. We talked about his style of offensive lineman football. We had a good intense talk."

Dykes, a 6-foot-4 265-pound offensive guard, was educated on the offensive line situation at North Carolina under Pittman's tutelage.

"Since he's the new coach coming in, everybody's pretty much at a clean slate with him, because he doesn't know anybody," said Dykes. "If I pick North Carolina, he wants me to come in the summer thinking I've got to try for a starting job. If I redshirt, then that happens, but he wants me coming in thinking I'm playing for a starting job."

Pittman told Dykes that UNC is looking to sign four offensive linemen in this class and they "definitely" want Dykes to be among the four.

The visit helped settled some of Dykes' uncertainties created by the change in regime at North Carolina.

"I definitely feel comfortable getting an up-close and personal talk with somebody from North Carolina," said Dykes.

What would make Dykes feel even more comfortable is visiting the entire new staff in Chapel Hill. Dykes, who officially visited UNC when John Bunting was still at the helm, brought that to Pittman's attention during their discussion.

"I'm still planning on taking an unofficial visit – in fact I'm going to call [Pittman] [Wednesday night]," said Dykes. "I brought it up to him and he wanted to talk to Coach [Butch] Davis first. I definitely want to come up there for an unofficial visit."

Dykes' college decision will come down two schools – Mississippi and North Carolina. The Wednesday meeting has helped push the Tar Heels' ahead of the Rebels.

"[I'm leaning towards] definitely North Carolina," said Dykes. "Because with the people Butch Davis is bringing in – with NFL coaching experience – he's bringing in a good group of coaches to complement himself. The atmosphere at North Carolina, right now, is just as good as any college."

Dykes plans to decide on whether to re-commit to UNC or to switch his commitment to Mississippi in approximately a week.

"Pretty much, I'm going to talk things over with my family," said Dykes. "Just get their blessings. I'm just looking for what's best for me as far as playing football as well as academically."

In early December, Dykes officially visited Ole Miss. He said he isn't planning on any return trips to Oxford before making his final decision.

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