Paulus Getting to Know Shoop

Newly hired North Carolina offensive coordinator John Shoop, accompanied by tight ends coach Steve Hagen, made the trip to Syracuse on Thursday afternoon to meet with prized UNC pledge Mike Paulus of Christian Brothers Academy (N.Y.).

"They came to school then went back to my house; and then we just talked, had dinner; and then we went back to school and they watched my basketball practice," said Paulus.

Most of the stay was an attempt to build the relationship between Paulus and his future position coach.

"[We talked about] a little bit of everything – the quarterbacks, what they have planned, what Coach [Butch] Davis expects," said Paulus. "We kind of just tried to get to know each other – not so much Xs and Os."

The duo also touched on the big official visit weekend, which kicks off Friday and will eventually include Paulus.

"They're excited to get me up there and I'm excited to go to the game and hang out with some guys," said Paulus. "I know Tydreke Powell is going to be there – he's the only one they've told me about."

When he arrives on campus Saturday, Paulus will double as a recruit and a recruiter.

"As far as me going there, I've seen the campus and all that stuff," said Paulus. "With me going down there is to get more friendly and more acquainted with the coaches and continue to develop those relationships.

"I haven't seen any of the dorms, yet, or some of the small things like that. I haven't experienced the social life – going out with the players – so I'm looking forward to that.

"As far as recruiting other kids, if kids have questions I can answer them. I can guide them in anyway – help them out, whatever Coach Davis wants."

After spending a good amount of time together, Paulus spoke highly of Shoop.

"From a football standpoint, Coach Davis hired him so I know he's right for the job," said Paulus. "I just wanted to get to know what kind of person he was. He's real nice, down to earth, he's good to talk with – him and Coach Hagen, he interacted with my mom well and he interacted with me well. So I like them both, they're going to do a good job."

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