Roy Williams PC Quotes (w/audio)

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. --- North Carolina coach Roy Williams addressed the media in advance of the Tar Heels' match-up with Georgia Tech on Saturday. Read and listen to what he had to say at the Smith Center on Friday.

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On the conditions of Bobby Frasor and Tyler Hansbrough -

Bobby will not play. Tyler was better yesterday at practice. Unless we did something later at practice that I don't know about, I would expect him to be better today. I would count on him going full speed.

On UNC approaching 1,900 all-time wins -

I knew about it three or four weeks ago, but I had forgot about it. I like to tell people that the three schools that have won more college basketball games than anyone are Kentucky, North Carolina and Kansas, and I've been at two out of three of them. I just think it speaks to the history of success we've had here for a long, long time. When I was at Kansas... I was around for a lot of those, and it is a feeling of pride.

Do you know anything further about Frasor's long-term outlook?

No. I think it's just identical to what we did last time. We'll just wait until he starts feeling better. Now is that going to be tomorrow? Is that going to be two weeks from now? Nobody knows except his little foot.

On how Thaddeous Young and Javaris Crittenton make Georgia Tech better than last year -

A lot more athleticism. A lot more depth. They have five guys back that started for them last year. You add those two guys to the mix, that makes seven guys that know what it's like to run out there at the start of a game. Thaddeous -- we recruited very, very hard. He and Javaris both are extremely gifted athletes that have the ability to score. I felt like from a distance that last year Paul [Hewitt] needed some more scoring ability, and those kids can do that. And the best thing about it is they haven't tried to do it by themselves. They've tried to play team basketball and fit in as team members. From a distance it seems as though they've done a great job of that and Paul's got them acclimated to the name on the front of the jersey being more important.

More on Young -

Well, he's a 6-8 guard that can do a lot of things other guards can't do. Even at 6-8, he has an extremely balanced game. He can score inside. He can score outside. He can pass. He can rebound. He's a great youngster. He's willing for someone to tell him what he needs to work on, and then he works on it. He's just a great youngster who's going to be playing for a lot of money someday.

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