UNC-UA: Lute Olson Quotes (w/audio)

TUCSON, Ariz. --- Arizona coach Lute Olson spoke to reporters after the game. Read and listen to what he had to say…

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I don't remember anybody playing better against us ever. At the same time, I don't remember us playing worse against anybody. I think we came out and turned the thing over five times on quick possessions, I'm like, whew, what team is it?

Other than toward the end when we had to shoot threes, I thought that was the last time we had open looks at threes. And we had guys shooting them that normally can hit them. It was, like, contagious. It was just like, 'Who is this out here?' But like I say, 'There's nothing to say but North Carolina was great, and we were awful.' And it's too bad, because the stage was set for everyone to really enjoy a great basketball game. And it was not a great basketball game. It was a great team playing against somebody that was trying to look like something else. We gave up 21 lay-ins. They did a really good job of that. But that's not us. Hopefully we'll come out Thursday and show what we are.

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