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CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- Did you miss what Roy Williams said on his radio program Monday night? Here are some excerpts from the live call-in show hosted by Woody Durham ...

Opening Comments –

We felt good after the Wake Forest game and we felt fantastic after the Arizona game. Going on the road, we're still in the middle of this stretch where we have six out of eight on the road, and still got two more (NCSU, Duke) of those to go. But it was a fun time, especially the second half against Wake Forest and at Arizona pretty much the whole game.

Early in the (Wake Forest) game we were having a tough time stopping Ishmael Smith. We made some adjustments and did a better job of that. In the second half, Ty came in (after sitting out with two fouls) and did a great job getting the tempo going and we were much more effective and attacking more.

Saturday, everybody had to have a little bit of an edge because we lost two guys. I told them the only time I've ever coached a team that didn't rise to the occasion when they lost a player was against Santa Clara when we were without Raymond two years ago. Every other team I've coached has said let's concentrate more and play harder. I told Danny, Deon and Alex – everyone wants to play more and you're going to get your chance, so you better play well (laughs).

On Wes Miller's key defensive play vs. Arizona -

They cut it to 13 at one time in the second half and Jordan Hill comes blasting down the lane and little Wes stepped in and took that charge. It took a lot of courage or a lot of stupidity to step in front of that guy. I told Wes in front of the team today it was one of the two best charges I've ever had one of my players take. … That guy's knees hit him right in the sternum but he bounced back up. Then we score the next 11 points in a row and the game's over with.

On Billy Packer saying Bobby Frasor could play in case of emergency against Arizona –

I don't know where Billy got that. I know he didn't get it from us. We were not going to play Bobby – there was no way, in no situation. I have no idea where he got that.

I think [Bobby will be back soon]. Today we released him to do a little bit more. I put Bobby, Quentin and Ty on the same team and they substituted for each other. Put all three of them together and we have one healthy point guard. Ty's wrist is bothering him and he was throwing up this morning. Bobby got in for about one third of the plays.

On Lawson's freedom to attack in the UNC offense –

I'd like Ty to [attack] every play. I'd like him to go as hard as he can from one top of the key to the other top of the key and then when you get to the top of the key you have to make a good decision. On the board, a lot of times I'll write ‘Attack, Attack, Attack' and then I'll draw two lines in between and make him tell me what it means -- and it means ‘under control.'

My biggest problem with Ty is he's a freshman and pushing every play as hard as I want him to push is uncomfortable and isn't easy to do. … In an open court game, which we've had the last two games, Ty is really much more effective there and we want him to be just as effective in a half court situation as well. I want him to go as far as he can go and lay the thing up; if someone stops him, give it to that guy's man and don't get a charge. … He really does some nice things in the open court.

Does Michael Jordan ever make a surprise visit to your practices?

Michael has been by to watch us practice last year and the year before. And we all know that on Feb. 10 we're having the 50th anniversary of the '57 team and 25th anniversary of the '82 team and we're very fortunate that those guys will be there and honored at halftime and at a banquet before – and Michael will be there.

Is there a homecoming game scheduled for Deon and Alex?

We've already got it set with Cal Santa Barbara, who came here last year, and we're going to stop and play them on the way out [to Hawaii in 2008].

Will Brandan Wright and Marcus Ginyard play on Wednesday night?

Yes. Both of them practiced today. Brandan was a little weak because he didn't eat much this weekend, and he was a little weaker than Marcus, but both practiced today.

On the team's offensive potential -

We still haven't shot the ball as well as I think we can shoot it. So we'll continue working on that and hopefully the ball will go in a bit more for us.

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