New senior post player on the radar

With uncertainty surrounding the future of landing a big man in Chapel Hill, Matt Doherty and his staff are starting to explore other options.

One of those is Josh Boone, whose stock may have risen as much as any player in America over the past four months.

The 6-9, 220-pound power forward understands he is a backup option – if North Carolina isn't able to secure a commitment from David Padgett or Brian Butch.

"I'm probably three or four on their list," admitted Boone. "[Coach Doherty] hasn't said anything to me about offering yet. He said the only two they've offered is Brian Butch and David Padgett. He told me they aren't the type of program to offer every kid and just to be patient."

While Carolina has yet to offer, there are plenty of high-majors that have already done so. Prior to the summer, Boone's interest came from schools such as Rutgers, St. Joseph's, James Madison, Richmond and Providence.

Now UConn, Georgetown, Virginia, Rutgers and Miami have each offered while Kansas, Maryland, Indiana, North Carolina and Stanford all want to set up in-home visits.

Boone has already set up eight in-home visits and will use those in order to figure out which five schools will receive official trips.

"I didn't expect all of this," he said. "I'm just trying to enjoy it and live it up."

Boone averaged 20 points, 14 rebounds and 7 blocks per game last season at South Carroll (Md.), but decided to pass up a college scholarship from a mid-major school. Instead, he has opted to attend a prep school – West Nottingham (Md.) – to mature physically and emotionally prior to college. It certainly wasn't because of academics, since Boone has a 3.6 GPA and boasts a 1200 on his SAT.

Boone is a quality shot-blocker who hits the offensive glass hard and also has a good low-post game. However, what really enamored college coaches over the summer was his passing skills and ability to run the floor.

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