UNC-UM: Roy Williams Quotes (w/audio)

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. --- North Carolina head coach Roy Williams addressed the media following the Tar Heels' 105-64 win over Miami on Wednesday. Read and listen to his comments from the Smith Center press room.

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Opening remarks -

Well it was a little snowball effect on Miami. I think it was twelve or thirteen points, then all of a sudden it's twenty-eight, and they take it back down to seventeen, then it's twenty-eight to thirty-five again. You hate when the other coach gets tossed, not criticizing the officials, I just hate that part of the game. I guess I'd like it better if it'd be like football, where you get penalized and they can't kick you out kind of deal. In baseball, at least you get to kick dirt on the plate or something like that.

You know we did some nice things. We tried to do a good job defensively. I challenged them at one point at one of the TV timeouts because they were breaking us down off the dribble again and I said we cannot be a good team, and I really mean it you cannot be a good team if you allow everyone to break you down off the dribble. Then we go back out and Ty kept the guy right in front of him and then he tried to make a guard-to-guard pass and Wayne intercepted it. We had about three or four really good defensive stops in a row. We got running and we've got more players and it was a good night for us. I like the balance, five guys in double figures and a lot of guys that came in off the bench really did some good things for us. I thought Marcus was active defensively again, Wes made a couple threes, and I thought Q was involved. Alex and Deon, Danny, you can go down the line, I mean I'd say everyone had a good night in a lot of different ways. Brandon tonight reverted to holding the ball too long and I think that's what ends up with having one assist and five turnovers.

You look at all the stats and it looks good for us, but it was a hard night for Miami and a hard night for Frank [Haith]. I told him before the game that I feel for him, when you're at Kansas and the first ten days of practice we lost three power forwards in the first ten days and never got them all back all year. So when you are undermanned to begin with, that makes it very difficult, but it was a good night for us.

On the team coming off the win at Arizona -

I was a little disappointed in how we started. I was a little disappointed in how the crowd started. I mean we've got to be more enthusiastic. I told the team we've got to build our own enthusiasm. Seven o'clock game evidently is too early and nine o'clock game's too late. We've always got an excuse, but we've got to get our tails here and quit worrying about that stuff. I thought we were a little flat early. Wayne made a couple big threes that gave us a little separation with about I'm going to guess six or eight minutes in the first half. They were making some shots too, but I think we handled it pretty well, but I was concerned about it.

On Hansbrough taking the 16-18 foot shot -

He can shoot the basketball, he really can. I don't want us to fall in love with the jump shot. We shot 24 threes and they did play some zone, but the first half we shot 12 threes and I thought that was bad for us. You'll be really surprised by the number of shots that we have taken compared to the other team. You'd think we're averaging 20 something more points per game, you'd think we'd have a lot, but we had about 30 more shots than the other team.

On if he likes how they're playing going into the upcoming games -

Williams: We think so, we had a good night tonight and we played really well on Saturday that doesn't mean we're going to play well the next game, but I'd rather go in playing well than playing sorry. I think the kids understand in this league it's got to be every game. ... You've got to be ready to play in this league every night. Last thing I told them is enjoy this one `til midnight and we'll start thinking about the next one tomorrow.

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