Brandan Wright Q&A (w/Audio)

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. --- North Carolina freshman Brandan Wright talked with reporters Friday from the Smith Center. Read and listen to what he had to say ...

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Do you have any impressions of this rivalry and know what it means to the fanbases of both schools?

"I don't know a lot about it yet. Coach has been talking about it - he's really fired up about this game. I know the students around this community really put a lot into this game. I'll definitely find out tomorrow."

How have you changed as a player since practice started?

"The biggest thing is on the defensive end, being in the right positions, doing the right things, being quicker with my decisions on the court."

Are you enjoying yourself in college here?

"Definitely I'm enjoying myself, being on one of the top teams in the nation. We feel we have a legit shot at winning it all this year. We have all the right pieces, being around the right types of guys and the right types of coaches - guys I really get along with."

Ty Lawson said you've made some adjustments in that the coach has told you and Tyler to slide out some when you see him coming to make room ...

"When we see him coming, we've got to get out of the way. He's so fast, we need to give him room to operate. And he's so quick he can get a shot through a small spot and hit a shot that not a lot of guys can hit."

How much better do you feel today than you did on Wednesday?

"I feel a lot better. The first part of the game I was a little winded, but in the second half I was feeling really good. Now I feel 110 percent."

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