Euwell: 'I Felt More Comfortable at UNC'

PINETOPS, N.C. --- North Carolina's newest commitment grew up a UNC basketball fan and an NC State football fan. On Thursday night he unified his allegiance to the Tar Heels across the board. Southwest Edgecombe defensive end/linebacker Linwan Euwell spoke to IC on location at his school on Friday.

What have the last few days been like?

Hectic. Phone calls. People asking questions. I'm just glad I can get the monkey off my back. Now the only thing to do is sign, go to camp, work out and work hard.

After committing to NC State and then with the coaching changes, why North Carolina?

Don't get me wrong, NC State is a great school. But I felt more comfortable at North Carolina. I thought I was surrounded by more good people. I feel like I can get the better education at UNC.

So you were definitely committed to NC State?

Yes, I was committed there when Chuck Amato was there. But when they changed the coaching staffs, I decided to keep my option open.

What UNC coaches did you like the best?

There were three coaches I talked to the most: Coach [Kenny] Browning, Coach [Tommy] Thigpen and Coach [John] Blake. Coach Blake probably impressed me the most for what type of person he is. As a player, you want to be surrounded by a coach that you have a good feel for and who has a plan, also.

What will you bring to the team?

I will bring hard work and enthusiasm to the team. Motivation. On every play you have to work hard. The play you let up is when things might happen, so you have to go hard every play. I've got a good work ethic. I bring that to the table and the team. I push players to go their best and hardest.

What is your current academic situation with regards to qualifying for enrollment at UNC?

Right now, I have to pull up my SAT and my GPA. I'm working hard. So if I maintain what I'm doing now, I think I'll meet eligibility.

Did the NC State coaches give you an ultimatum?

They really didn't give me an ultimatum. (On Wednesday) they wanted me to let them know where I wanted to go. They told me I had a choice to make – either them or Carolina.

What do you think of Coach Butch Davis?

His background; he brings good things to the table. Defense. He produces players for the NFL. Discipline. He's a great coach and disciplined. He brings things to the table that will make the football team better.

What does your family think about your decision?

They say do what is in the best interest for me, and they're behind me 100 percent. They say do what makes you feel good. They say, ‘Wherever you go, we'll be behind you.' My family, my friends all told me that.

Did you grow up a UNC fan?

I was a State fan in football and a UNC fan in basketball.

Do you think you will change your mind again?

No, my mind is made up.

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