UNC-Miami (OH): Bunting Postgame Quotes

CHAPEL HILL -- University of North Carolina head football coach John Bunting spoke to the media following his Tar Heels' 27-21 loss to the Miami (OH) RedHawks.

Opening Remarks:

I've been around a lot of football in my lifetime as a player and a coach at all different levels, with the exception of coaching high school, but I don't thing I've ever, ever seen anything quite like that. It's amazing that the game was so close and we had a chance to win at the end.

It's just a tribute to the way our players think, the way our coaches coach, the way our trainging staff works, and that's a good thing. The bad thing is losing a football game the way we did. I hope I'm never around it again. It certainly caught me way off guard to have that kind of performance in terms of turnovers.

We're hopeful that our kids will respond. Certainly, our defense responded today way above my expectations. They just did a magnificent job. I'm proud of them for that fact, and I'm proud of the way everybody hung in there. Nobody paniced. They kept playing and playing and grinding away.

There is a lot of football left to be played in the season. A lot of players played, and a lot of young players played, and I'm anxious to do two things: get in here and watch the tape tomorrow to evaluate the young players and see if they can help us down the road in this long season, and get ready to play Syracuse.

Is there a quarterback issue here, now?

Not that I know of.

Does Durant remain in his current position?

We'll take a long look at his performance. Darian is a guy tha we have high expectations of, just like we do of C.J. I'm sure he's very disappointed in some of the decisions he made, and that is his strength.

What's going through your mind when you are moving the ball but having all those turnovers?

I can't even tell you what I'd like to say about that. I really am furious about not allowing us to win a football game the way we should, when we are moving the ball like we were moving the ball like we did and like we thought we could. Anybody that knows even a little bit about this game knows that you can't do that kind of thing and have a chance.

At 20-14 when they drove and scored, had the defense just been on the field too long at that point?

I think there were a couple plays in that drive, third downs, where we needed to come up with the big play. I think if you ask any one of those guys on the defense, they'd tell you the same. I just heard Dexter [Reid] say it, the tackling machine Dexter Reid. He knows we need to come up with a play. Long drives usually manifest themselves in somebody converting third downs. We've got to make sure that we come up with a third down play on those occasions.

Did that goal line stand do a lot for your defense?

I think it did a lot for everybody. It shows you what the mentality is on this football team. We're just not qoing to quit. Hopefully, we can grow up on that. Once again, I don't know if you can ask a defense to do any more than they did today.

We talk about sudden change and adversity and overcoming that. It's one thing to talk about it, but it's another thing to go do it. On several occasions they did that today.

What is is like to make a play like that and then have to come out on the 18 yard line right afterwards?

It's discouraging. Who wouldn't be a little discouraged? I mean, we are humans, aren't we? That's the neat part about this game -- those little personal challenges. In this case there were a lot of big challenges that those guys faced up to and took on and did everything they could to win that football game.

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