Roy Williams Monday Quotes

North Carolina coach Roy Williams spoke to reporters via the weekly ACC coaches teleconference on Monday.

Opening Remarks -

"Well, it was very difficult for us on Saturday. North Carolina State played very, very well and did some things that made us play not very well. So you have to congratulate them. But I told our team that after winning any of our games -- whether it's Arizona or Miami or whatever -- that's just one game and hopefully they understand this was one game and we've got a huge challenge in front of us going to play Duke at Duke."

After Saturday's performance, what can you do to make sure your team comes out with the proper effort level on Wednesday?

"I don't think it was the effort - it was the intelligent effort and the intensity that you've got to play with on every possession. To allow a guy to beat you on a boxout, to allow a team to dribble the length of the court and lay it up with 5.7 left and have two guys on the end of the court wondering they their teammates don't stop him. The intensity of our effort and the concentration of our effort is what's got to be there."

You referred to your team maybe being 'fat and happy.' Can you use this game as a teaching tool?

"It better be. I think you can learn from winning, too, but sometimes losses hit you right between the eyes. If we just focus on what North Carolina does or doesn't do, I think it detracts from what North Carolina State did. We could do everything right and go over Wednesday night at Duke and still lose. So we've got to understand you have to give the other team some credit. But I can't coach the other team, so I've got to coach my team to the best [of my ability] and I do think we didn't have that same concentration level Saturday against North Carolina State that we needed."

Do you plan on attending Thursday's women's game against Duke?

"Yes, I plan on going ... I will be at the game Thursday night. We have a wonderful atmosphere here."

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