Little: 'I'm Very Excited'

DURHAM, N.C. --- The No. 1-ranked player in the state, Greg Little, switched his commitment from Notre Dame to North Carolina on Wednesday morning and faxed his Letter of Intent to Chapel Hill. Inside Carolina was at Durham (N.C.) Hillside on Wednesday for the signing ceremony of the 6-3, 210-pound four-star athlete ...

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What went into your decision?

Me and my mom and family had a big discussion last night, and we just thought that North Carolina was the best place for me after football. There was a lot of uncertainty as to what offense they would run and if they'll win or not, but I just looked at the overall picture. They've had a lot of people that have succeeded in my major. I want to major in business administration. So Coach [Butch] Davis has been in communication. A couple of UNC graduates were on ESPN today, it's a lot of success.

About the UNC coaches -

It's kind of a Carolina coach I like to call it. They were guys that I trusted and believed in from the very beginning. They always have been up front about things.

How excited are you?

I'm very excited. There has been a lot of fan support. We just have to get more people at the games. I want to sell out every game. Now we've got to win and show everybody what we're made of.

On making up his mind late last night -

I called Coach Davis about 12 o'clock last night and told him what I was going to do. It took that long to decide where I really was going to be happiest.

On conversations with high school coach Ray Harrison -

We talked the whole night actually. My basketball game ended at about nine and until 12 o'clock.

When my game ended, I was still kind of up in the air about it. I've got it off my shoulders now.

On Carolina's recruitment -

I really wasn't sure about it the whole way (re: previous Notre Dame commitment). There was a lot of uncertainty as to whether I was going to be happy there. What was I going to do in the off-season? It was just a place where I felt comfortable at North Carolina.

Did Jonathan Smith's UNC commitment have an effect on your decision?

No. I was all pretty much based on what I wanted to do and what made me really happy.

On playing wide receiver at UNC as a factor in decision -

As far as I know I was going to play receiver at Notre Dame. But I think I can do a little bit of both at UNC – running back and receiver. I just want the ball in my hands.

On the coaching situation at UNC -

Coach Davis, Coach [John] Shoop, Coach [John] Blake, Coach [Tommy] Thigpen and Coach [Charlie] Williams…They all played a big factor into it. They said they wouldn't let me down.

On the difference in weather between Chapel Hill and South Bend -

Oh yeah, (I prefer) the sun (to the snow). I heard rumors that its 25-below right now. It's kind of painful to go outside.

Is your father glad you're staying close to home?

I am glad, but that really didn't play a factor into my decision.

On family's influence -

They really didn't tell me where they wanted me to go; they just told me they wanted me to get a good education and a degree. They wanted a place where I was needed, and not just wanted. They wanted me to be a place where I would be happy. That's what they told me -

On Carolina's big Signing Day and so many good receivers -

I just like competition. That's what makes teams great. Competition. No one will get to slack up. That will keep us even better.

On Mike Paulus' commitment effecting his decision -

Oh yes. Mike's a great guy. He was always going through the recruiting thing. We talked in the beginning of the recruitment. We talked like every other day. After my commitment to Notre Dame it kind of slacked off, but it picked up later.





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