UNC-Duke: Locker Room Report (w/audio)

DURHAM, N.C. --- North Carolina players Wes Miller, Brandan Wright and Reyshawn Terry addressed the media from the visitors' locker room following the game.

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On his second-half defense on Greg Paulus -

"I just wanted to bother him. I didn't want it to be easy for him. I didn't ever want him to come up the court and feel like nobody was bothering him and he could make a pass without thinking twice about it. He hurt us a lot in the first half and I just wanted to make everything more difficult for him in the second half."

On what it took to overtake Duke -

"We did a good job of taking it one possession at a time. Marcus, Bobby, Reyshawn, Tyler ... those guys just showed their toughness tonight and really buckled down. We limited them to one shot by working hard on defense, then boxed out and went down the other end and executed. We didn't try to get it all back in one possession and showed some toughness."

On Ty Lawson's performance -

"He made a couple mistakes in the first half ... and Tywon responded well. He came back and he had some huge plays for us down the stretch going to the basket and played great D in the second half. That shows the character of Tywon - he's not going to let a couple bad plays get him down and he came back bigger than ever."

Did you sense the Duke guards tiring from the defensive pressure?

"I wasn't really thinking about it, but I was thinking of applying as much pressure to them every single possession on defense and hopefully that'd wear them down and make them make mistakes."



On rallying back in the second half -

"When we're down, I'm not looking at the score. I just keep playing. They were hitting shots and we were getting good opportunities and then we started making our shots and started to capitalize."

Did McRoberts' fourth foul help open up the post on offense?

"I didn't see a difference. Duke is a very tough defensive team. But I think it hurt them more on offense than on defense because McRoberts is very versatile."

What does this win mean after having lost to NC State?

"It means another win. We've got Wake on Saturday. We'll celebrate until midnight and then we'll move on to the next team."



Describe what it means to you winning here your senior year?

"It's an honor - a great feeling to have, a blessing to be able to come here two years in a row and beat these guys on their home court."

Do you think you wore them down?

"I definitely feel like they were wearing down because they were playing only seven or eight guys and we're known for getting out on the break. So I just tried to do that early on."

Could you address the toughness and poise your team displayed tonight?

"We felt we had to come together tonight and be more poised and keep our composure more than we ever throughout the whole year because this is Duke. We put the younger guys on our back and told them to follow us -- me, Wes, Marcus, Tyler and all the guys that have been here before. We tried to show them how it's done."

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