Up Close: Terry Hunter, Part II

<I>IC</I> recruiting writer Andy Britt is touring the countryside to visit each and every UNC football commitment. Look for his unique two-part profiles all season long. Today -- the second installment on Terry Hunter.

(Click here for Part I, which ran yesterday.)


Early on, former NC State assistant coach Cary Gadette formed a bond with Hunter that appeared to be enough to bring him to Raleigh.

State was the first to offer, but Gadette was later removed from his position and is now an assistant coach at Western Carolina. However, the Wolfpack remained high on Hunter's list that also included solid offers from Tennessee, Georgia, Virginia and Duke.

"Florida State never offered, but (their coaches) came down and talked to me," Williams said. "I believe they would have offered if he had not committed to Carolina. They really were impressed by what they saw on film.

"(NC State coach) Chuck Amato said he looked a lot like kids he recruited when he was in the Florida area."

During the recruiting process, Williams stressed that Hunter not jump on the first offer that came about.

"They would leave and Terry would get an offer…and he would say, ‘that's good, but I don't know what to do.'" Williams said. "But the day Carolina offered him, he lit up like a Christmas tree."

Hunter finally narrowed his list down to State and Carolina, and then arranged back-to-back visits to both school.

"There was a lot of pressure, when you go to (State's) practice and you've got Torry Holt coming up to you and telling you it's his alma mater," Williams said.

Although Hunter grew up a Tar Heel fan, he said if NC State had something to offer that he preferred, he would have chosen the Wolfpack over UNC.

"If they would have, I would have gone there," Hunter said. "When all the coaches visited, I really didn't know what I wanted to do at the time. After I started to narrow it down, Carolina came out on top.

"Me being a Carolina fan really didn't affect my decision. It's just that I think Carolina is the best school for me to go to if I want be on top."

Hunter said his ability to communicate with UNC coach John Bunting and assistant coaches Kenny Browning, James Webster and Rod Broadway impressed him the most.

"They were really good to me and they were really up front about everything," Hunter said. "I like coach Bunting, he's a real cool guy; funny too. I spoke with him about every day that I was up there.

"He's expecting me to step up and fill the spaces that need to be filled. Right now, the (UNC) defense is OK, but I think if I go there I can help it out a little bit."

His feelings were reciprocated. Other than his talent, Hunter's personality was infectious to the Carolina coaches.

"When Kenny (Browning) would speak to him, he would call me back and say, ‘That kid really is strong in other areas,'" Williams said.

"When he smiles he lights up the world. He's a good kid, who plays football. He's not a football player that tries to be a good kid."

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