James Worthy Q&A (w/audio)

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. --- The 1982 national championship Tar Heel team was honored during halftime of Saturday's game at the Smith Center. James Worthy, the Final Four MVP of that squad who went on to be named to the NBA's 50th Anniversary All-Time team, spoke to reporters before the game. Read and listen to what he had to say ...

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On what the '82 title means to him -

"When I think of the '82 team, Coach Smith's first championship, I definitely have to reflect back to my first year of basketball camp with Phil Ford, and even watching Charlie Scott and Bob McAdoo and for all the teams that were supposed to win [the title] that didn't ... I felt we represented those guys. To come back 25 years later and be with the team that won and see the families ... it was a special moment then and is a special moment now."

What does Carolina Basketball mean to you?

"It's more than basketball, it's a family, it's a formula ... Coach Smith really used his platform to enhance people's lives, so it was more than just learning the game of basketball, it was being a student ... it's family, it's a fraternity that lasts forever, in my opinion."

On Dean Smith's influence -

"He really used his platform to enhance people's lives. Basketball was just a way to get to people. Whether you were Michael Jordan or Chuck Duckett, it didn't matter - you were the same. Chuck was late, he'd get in trouble and if you were late you'd get in trouble. If your parents started something good for you, he just took that and enhanced that. ... If there are spots left on a team, they're going to want a Carolina guy. Because you're going to know how to submit to authority without losing your integrity, you're going to be on time and and you're going to be a great team player. And then you look at the guys who didn't make it to the NBA, they're always prepared to go on into the real world and succeed. "

On Tyler Hansbrough -

"I wish I had more of [the intensity] that he has. He's still learning how to position himself, because he doesn't have the athleticism that some of the great players have, but you're not going to outwork him. He does remind me of me because I played power forward. He's very intense inside, I love to watch him play, he has great footwork and just tenacious. Better rebounder than I was and better defender."

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