UNC-WFU: Skip Prosser Quotes

Demon Deacon head coach Skip Prosser addressed the media following Carolina's victory.

Opening Remarks:

As you can imagine, there's not a lot to say. They're very, very, very good. You have to score to beat them because they have so many offensive weapons. One of the telling stats in the first half was that they were 12-16 inside the paint and we were 6-16 inside the paint. Hence our misses became outlet passes, fueled their break, gave us such a large deficit, and in the second half it was like an avalanche and we did not have the wherewithal to make stops. The resulting carnage is something you all witnessed. There's really not a lot to say from my standpoint that I know of, unless you guys have something cogent and insightful, and helpful.

When you were ahead 23-22 they went on a run. What happened there?

I think it's reflective of our defense, but I also thought we had so many empty trips where we got the ball relatively close to the basket and gave them opportunities in transition. When they get going it is like the are running down hill. I think that you have to be somewhat efficient offensively and I think we were a little bit for the first 12 or 13 minutes of the half. Then that last seven minutes--I'll have to see the tape--but we got the ball close to the basket a few times and missed some open shots and those became outlet passes for them.

How were they able to get so many shots in the paint?

I think the only way is reflective of poor defense. We didn't really do much to dissuade entry passes, something we talked about a lot, going into the game but weren't able to execute it--and those guys are pretty skilled too now.

Reyshawn Terry seemed to be a little possessed today.

I think that his maturation is a real credit, not just to Reyshawn but to the staff here. I've just watched him on tape, and I know every game hasn't been a great game for him, but he's played pretty well. He's a senior, and it's often talked about with our own team over the years how they have the advantage of no choice and that last year and want to make it special. But he had a good year last year as a junior--I think he played well."

Is this one of those games where you will break down the tape or just put it behind you?

Every time you do something it is a teachable moment, if you will. The comment about the scoring inside, those are all things we-- I try hard with a young team not to say that, but they have to learn why those things happened.

There's still a lot of basketball to be played. We've got five ACC games left to be played so without a doubt, we'll look at the tape. I've never been one that believes in throwing it in the trash can and moving on to the next one. I think you can learn something from what happened.

It's disconcerting--we've had good success against Carolina in the past [but] not certainly this year. Again, give them credit--they have quite a team.

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