UNC-VT: Locker Room Quotes (w/audio)

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. --- Ty Lawson, Tyler Hansbrough, Wayne Ellington and Marcus Ginyard talked to reporters after UNC's overtime loss to Virginia Tech on Tuesday night. Read and listen to what they had to say ...

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Can you walk through what happened on the last possession in regulation?

"We were just trying to get the last shot, because we didn't want them to come back down and try to score. We just tried to spread the lane so I could get a shot up."

And then what happened on the last possession in overtime?

"We were supposed to run a play 'Go,' but they came and doubled and that messed everything up. I couldn't find anybody open, so I tried to get a shot up, they blocked it and then Wayne got it."



"This game was very frustrating, being at home against a team that's already beaten us. We wanted to come in here and get a big win since they beat us like they did at their place. We just didn't make the big plays that we needed. I missed a free throw there at the end that would have been big for us. ..."

What is it about Virginia Tech that makes them such a tough opponent for your team?

"I think they're physical and they run a lot, so they're tough."



Coach Williams told the media he took responsibility for the loss - did he say the same to the team?

"Yeah, he put it on his shoulders, but you can't put it on the coach's shoulders. We all went out there and we all competed. We all lost, you can't just put it on Coach Williams. We all made the mistakes down the stretch, we all lost the game together."

Was it tough to adjust to the tight officiating late?

"Definitely in overtime they decided to call it real tight. I guess that's their job and we just have to adjust to it and continue to play basketball ... That's part of the game, we just have to learn from that."



Your team shot a lot of jumpshots down the stretch tonight ...

"I definitely think we got away from our strength, which is obviously getting the ball inside and letting Tyler and Brandan work -- starting our offense inside-out. Taking late game jumpshots, settling for those jumpshots, wasn't an advantage for this team."

What do you feel the team needs to do between now and Saturday at Boston College?

"We need to wake up. These last two days of practice were absolutely terrible - probably our worst two practices of the year. It just showed tonight. It was tough in my mind thinking that we'd come out and outplay this team after the way we'd practiced the last two games. We need to get our mind right for practice and we've got a another tough game on the road. We have to learn from this game and we really have to wake up."

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