UNC-VT: Roy Williams Quotes (w/audio)

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. --- North Carolina coach Roy Williams addressed the media following the Tar Heels' 81-80 loss to Virginia Tech on Tuesday at the Smith Center. Read and listen to what he has to say…

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Opening statement -

"Congratulations to Seth [Greenberg] and his staff and the kids of Virginia Tech. They played very well. Zabian Dowdell was really something; we had a difficult time guarding and keeping him off the free throw line. I've been coaching for 19 years and however many games it is, that was the worst coaching job that I've ever done.

"I was trying to go with mixed lineups there because they were small and I didn't want to have Brandan [Wright] chase guys around. I did a poor job. I did absolutely the worst job I've ever done in my entire life. The kids deserve more than that and I told them that yes, I would like them to make free throws, and I'm not just talking about Tyler [Hansbrough]. We had three different times tonight where went to the line with a two-shot foul and missed both of them. I told them I would like for us to not turn it over by going and spinning around and falling at the free throw line and all that kind of stuff.

"We have to be tougher at the start of the game. They kicked our tails and Deron Washington had nine rebounds in the first half and the only thing we talked about was trying to stop him.

"But it was just one awful, awful job of coaching by me, that's the bottom line of the whole thing. The kids deserve more than they got from me tonight. And congratulations again to Virginia Tech, they had to make plays and had to make shots and make free throws. Coleman Collins, I told him congratulations, especially after what he went through last year. It's what is great about college athletics; he said it was one year today. I told him congratulations and I was awful sorry. That team went through a lot last year. Seth did a nice job with them. It doesn't mean I wanted to lose to make them feel better, that's not what I'm saying. But, congratulate them. Roy Williams did an awful job and Virginia Tech players did a nice job and won the basketball game."

On the game plan for the final shot of regulation and final seconds of overtime -

"Ty [Lawson] was supposed to penetrate. We tried to open a lane up and set two down screens with his penetration. But he is still a freshman and he didn't penetrate. But still that is bad coaching. And at the end, since it was a one point game all we needed was two, I've always said with seven seconds or more, rush down the court but draw two people to you, you got to either beat them or pass it off and we didn't get it passed off quick enough. And that is just poor coaching."

On the Virginia Tech lineup matching up -

"They are good players. Early in the game they were by far the aggressor. We couldn't clear the ball, they beat us to every offensive rebound. At halftime, there were two trains of thought, one, we felt really lucky because we could have been down by twenty and yet, two, they only shot 32 percent, they had to feel really good to be only down by four. In the second half we get it to 4-6 and we all of a sudden missed shots, some of them were pretty good shots, but we got to make shots.

"The first play in overtime, Coleman Collins who was three for 12, but he made one when it counted. [Zabian] Dowdell and [Jamon] Gordon, they are really good. That is part of it right there. I think the way they played, they man the basketball, they dominate the basketball, they make shots, they can make shots in the lane. That's difficult shots for a lot of guards right now. They can get to the free throw line and make shots. Deron Washington was a hard match-up for us, [Lewis] Witcher got in foul trouble and brought [Markus] Sailes in, that makes it a much more difficult match-up for us because that means our four man is matching up with Deron who is one of the best athletes around. We didn't do a good job of keeping him off the boards either."

On the effect of not being in many close games over the past two years -

"It could have been. Who knows. I felt very comfortable at the end of regulation that we would get a much better shot than we did. I felt very comfortable at the end. If he made both free throws we were running a set play for three because we would have been down three. But if he missed one of them, we had another play called. We just didn't get it right."

On why he is so upset with himself -

"My job is to have kids know what they are supposed to do. We had an unusual lineup in there because Brandan [Wright] struggled at the free throw line, so we wanted to have good free throw shooters in there. Drawing up a play and one guy doesn't know what he is supposed to do because he is in a different spot. I'm supposed to do better than that. It is just bad coaching. Kids deserved more than that tonight."

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