Post-visit report from Padgett's mother

Being one of the most sought after big men in the country has its benefits -- most certainly. But it also has its pains. And one of them has to be the phone calls.

Coaches, friends, newspapers, recruiting analysts and the like want constant updates on where the recruit is leaning. They want to know the immediate thoughts on the recruit's last visit. And they want details.

Needless to say, Debbie Padgett's phone is exhausted.

"The phone has been ringing all day," she said from her Reno home. "That's the great thing about an answering machine. I've got several messages on there that I just haven't had time to check yet."

Fortunately, however, Debbie answered the call from Inside Carolina.

Her son, a 6-11 senior center who's among the best in the nation, was out with his friends -- with whom he's spent a lot of time since his return from his official visit to Chapel Hill on Sunday -- but Debbie was able to provide some details in his absence.

"He was real excited when he came home," she noted. "I think he grew. He had a great time. I was just glad to see him. When he got back that head of his was just spinning.

"He got to see so much. He talked about the locker room and the players. He really liked the players a lot. He liked Sean May a lot. They really hit it off."

Debbie also spoke of David's impressions of the North Carolina campus, which she will get a chance to visit in two weeks.

"Well he really seemed to like it, and he brought home a pamphlet. It really gave us a good visual -- it actually reminded us of Virginia, because we have been there before."

Despite being known for beautiful weather, Chapel Hill threw some rain on David this weekend -- but Debbie said that her son enjoyed the change of climate.

"Oh, that didn't bother him," she said. "It was actually a good change from the heat that we have here. And the snow. That didn't affect him one bit."

David also attended the football game with some of the Carolina hoops players. And, despite the rain and the thus reduced crowd, Padgett heard the fans chant his name.

"Oh yeah -- he said that was quite impressive. I think he was embarrassed a little though, because he can be quite shy at times. But it was impressive," she said.

And last but not least, is there any school that could claim a leader position now that Padgett had completed all of his visits?

"Well, he loved the visit, but I think all of the schools are right there. I just want him to sit back and take it all in for a week or two. This is a big decision for him because he's going to spend four years wherever he decides to go."

Debbie also addressed the distance factor.

"Distance will not be a factor at all. I have a lot of people ask me that and it won't be a factor. Not at all."

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