2008 Intro: Braden Hanson

CHARLOTTE, N.C. --- Braden Hanson performed like a seasoned senior under center for Charlotte (N.C.) Latin last season, leading the Hawks to a 12-1 record and the NCISAA State Title.

On the year Hanson, a 6-foot-6 200-pound quarterback, completed over 70-percent of his passes (172-of-245) for 2,695 yards and 39 touchdowns with only 12 interceptions. He also added four more scores on the ground. "He's a pro-type pocket passer," said Larry McNulty, Latin's head football coach. "He's extremely accurate. He's very tough minded; he doesn't get down, when he throws a bad ball he bounces right back. For a big tall kid, he looks like he's not moving very well, but he's escapability is better than people give him credit for."

Hanson, who is his own worst critic, believes he's far from a finished product and will continue to work on the areas that need improvement this offseason.

"I'm definitely not a running quarterback, I'm more of a drop back guy," said Hanson. "But, you can always work on your mobility and I think one of the things I can get better at – and anyone can get better at – is buying that extra second of time or avoiding that blitzing linebacker.

"I'm doing some stuff to try to strengthen up my shoulders so I can throw the ball further and harder next year. "Obviously, mentally I have a long way to go. I don't have to make as many reads as any college quarterback does, so I just have to get better at that."

Hanson's junior season accomplishments have garnered the attention of many area schools including Duke, North Carolina, N.C. State, and Vanderbilt. He has welcomed all attention with open arms.

"I really didn't grow up around the southeast. My friends are huge Duke or Wake or UNC fans. I really don't have a preference so everybody is pretty much fair game," said Hanson.

Hanson grew up in the Midwest, in Kansas City. He has been in contact recently with the coaching staff at Missouri.

"I talked to a coach from Missouri a couple of days ago and I really liked him," said Hanson. "If I go back this summer, one of the things I'd like to do is maybe take a visit there."

Hanson has, however, grown fond of one "southeast" school.

"I really like UNC," said Hanson. "It's kind of a neat school. If you live in North Carolina everybody wants to go there. To get in for free and to play football would be awesome."

North Carolina has returned the interest by recently inquiring about Hanson.

"Coach [John] Shoop was down here with Coach [Tommy] Thigpen and watched a highlight film that we put together of Braden," said McNulty. "They were very excited by Braden's future.

"Coach Shoop told me that he really liked him a lot. He said he would really like the chance to work with Braden and coach him some day."

With the lack of any solid offers and any solid favorites, Hanson doesn't have a timeline for making a college declaration.

"I think with quarterbacks, everybody tries to make their decision early, but I really don't know," said Hanson. "I really don't have any offers yet, so it's tough to pin down one school that I'd like to go to.

"My coach talked to me about not making a decision too early and I really agree with that stance. I just have to be careful and really take my time and make the best decision, because it's one that's going to impact the rest of my life really."

This weekend, Hanson heads to Duke for the Blue Devils' Junior Day. He plans to attend his second junior day two weekends later, but isn't quite sure on the destination.

"I want to go to the junior day March 4 at UNC, but then I also talked to the N.C. State coach and they have one March 4, too," said Hanson. "Maybe I can do both – we'll see."

Over the summer, Hanson plans to attend quite a few college camps with Auburn, North Carolina, and N.C. State receiving strong consideration.

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