UNC-BC: Locker Room Report (w/audio)

CHESTNUT HILL, Mass. --- North Carolina players Wayne Ellington, Tyler Hansbrough, Reyshawn Terry and Ty Lawson spoke to reporters from the visitors' locker room after the game. Read and listen to what they had to say…

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It's tough to have high expectations put upon us, but that's what we want. We want to have high expectations to live up to if you want to be up on that pedestal.

I don't think anybody thinks we're not having a good season. Teams are going to lose regardless of how talented they are. The important thing is we're learning from our losses, and trying to move on and get ready for the next four games we have in our league and the play after that. It's definitely not easy at all. We've got to raise our (level of) play. We have to come out hard every game.

Is it tough to get into a flow when so many guys are playing?

You could say it's tough to get into a groove, but that's how talented and deep our team is. When you're out there, you've got to be ready to play hard. It's tough to get into a groove, but you get kind of used to it.



Will the plane ride home be nicer having won?

I'm not good on planes, but it will seem to be a lot nicer.

Did you like the way you finished that one off?

Yes. That was a little better this time.

On the team's toughness -

I think we showed that we do have toughness. I will take more than one game to show how really tough we are. We have to bring it like we did tonight every game. We'll take it game by game, and then we'll find out what we're really made of.

On the conference race -

I could say we have to win every game, but we have to prepare for each game one by one. We can't just say we're going to try to win every game. We have to look at each opponent one by one and really concentrate on things the team does and try to take them away from what they do.

We're you confident that Marcus Ginyard was going to make those free throws late in the game?

Yeah, I was pretty confident. I would say so.

Is the ACC more physical this year?

I think it's more physical this year. Teams are trying to bump me, throw double teams at me and be much more aggressive. But I try to play through things like that. It's very physical sometimes. You get knocked to the floor, but you have to get right back up.



It was tough coming in here after a loss on Tuesday not knowing what to expect. I myself, it was the first time I ever being in this atmosphere, because it's our first time playing Boston [College] at Boston. It just shows how tough we were. Those guys were coming off a loss against Duke, and we knew they were going to be fired up. We just had to take care of our part. Fortunately we were able to come out with the win today.

On the difference in winning a close game versus losing one -

We know this is the (time) of the season we have to lock in, and everybody has to be on the same (page) and see the big picture. We have to keep our eyes on our prize for the future.

What would it mean to this team to win the ACC?

It would mean a lot, because it would give us the momentum going into the ACC Tournament, and we would be able to close out another ACC championship. That would be a great thing for Coach [Roy] Williams, Wes Miller and myself, and all the other veteran guys.

On guarding Jared Dudley -

They were running a bunch of plays for him, and the flex is one of the toughest things to guard because if you mess up for one second, you're man is going to be open. They were setting so many screens for him and he was coming down and posting up early. He was kind of catching us falling asleep, and he was getting a lot of baskets off that. So I just tried to lock in the last 10 or 15 minutes so he couldn't get the ball. And if he did get the ball, I was going to make it hard for him to score over me.



How quick can you get the ball out on the break?

It's quick. We can probably get a shot under three seconds. The big man gets it out to me, I pass to Rey or Wayne or another big man down the court, and get it out and score as fast as we can. When a team comes down and gets a quick basket, we're right back at them.

Does that demoralize a team?

Yes. We did that like three or four times today. It is kind of demoralizing. They're like, ‘Man, they keep coming at us.'

On road success -

Our first road game, we came out a little excited or rattled. We have to be calm. Stepping into an arena like this one where people are yelling stuff at you, it's great for us. It was great for us to get this win.

On the late game success versus the Virginia Tech loss on Tuesday -

It was good for us, because we just lost one by one point. We don't want to lose too many games by one or two points, because that would hurt. This is a great win for us, because we've got to get used to playing close games and pulling them out.

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