Roy Williams Monday Quotes

North Carolina coach Roy Williams spoke to reporters on Monday via the weekly ACC Coaches' Teleconference. Here are some of his comments ...

Opening Remarks -

"It was a mixed week for us, but we're feeling better now than we did after the Virginia Tech game -- except if you watch the North Carolina State-Virginia Tech game, it scares the dickens out of you with State coming up next."

On the impact of players leaving early creating more pressure to win before stars leave -

"There's no question the window is much shorter now than it used to be. Twenty years ago you'd look at our team and say 'Gosh, 11 freshmen and sophomores, they're going to be set for a long time.' But you can't say that now. There's a sense of urgency, there's no question, that you want to have every year. Perhaps it's a little stronger than it used to be because you used to have that stability of knowing you're going to have kids around. I don't know if it'd make me coach any differently because I've always tried to coach for the moment and I've always felt I've had a little bit of that gunslinger approach of wanting to do the best we can today as opposed to two or three years down the line."

On freshmen playing their first NCAA Tournaments -

"Until that player gets there and experiences that feeling of 'I've got to play today or is there no tomorrow' ... The suddenness, the swiftness, the finality is something players don't understand it until it happens to them. Last year, we had a great run and we're playing well and all of a sudden after George Mason we're sitting in the locker room and the game's over and my young guys are looking around wondering 'Wait, it's not supposed to happen like this.' But that's what it is. You never have any idea until you experience what it feels like."

Were those games in Dayton last year eye-openers for your freshmen?

"I hope so. I've seen teams have that happen to them in the past and come back and be so much more focused and attentive to detail. And I think those are the teams that are more successful."

What do you do differently to prepare for playing NC State again?

"I thought they were fantastic in kicking us pretty good and yesterday they were really something. We've got to try to do what we do and do it better than we did over at their place. Now, if they come out and shoot 80 percent, they're going to be tough for anybody to handle. We've got to hope they miss some of those shots, we have to hope we shoot and make some of those shots. And hopefully we can do a better job defensively because at their place we gave up so many open shots. We've got to get all five of our guys moving defensively and being aware of the big picture and what they're trying to do. But they were scary yesterday, no doubt about that."

Will you try to pressure NC State more in this game to get the pace in your favor?

"Well, we tried to do that over there and we just didn't do a very good job of it. It was something our players understand a little bit more now. We allowed State to set the pace of the game. It wasn't unbelievably slow, but we just have to do a better job of whatever we do. If we decide to play 2-3 zone and walk it up ourselves, we have to do a better job of it. We had the intent over there but we certainly didn't do a good job of it and they dominated the game."

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