UNC-NCSU: Locker Room Quotes (w/audio)

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. --- talked to reporters after UNC's 83-64 win over NC State on Wednesday night at the Smith Center. Read and listen to what they had to say ...

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Can you talk about the offensive rebounding effort in the second half?

"We just crashed the boards. We really pride ourselves on offensive rebounding. Coach really gets after us about that and we take the responsibility of trying to get the offensive rebounds and making the other team play."

What does scoring a career-high 24 points tonight mean to you?

"Nothing at all. Guys are going to get career-highs on this team all the time. We have a lot of talented guys. I'm just trying to go out there and help this team progress and get wins every night."



There was a lot more intensity tonight, especially in the second half ...

"In the locker room we had a little discussion. We wanted to pick up the energy. We came out a little slow, but after the first couple minutes the energy picked up and we kept the energy high. Once we got the lead we kept it."

Have you seen increased confidence from Brandan?

"I think he's always been confident. I think he's pretty sure of himself when he's out there playing. There are some things he needs to work on and he's getting better at them. He's always been confident, but he's a bit more confident in his free throws now. He played very well tonight and we'll need him to continue to play that way."

Was it a pregame plan to do a better job getting the ball inside to Brandan and Tyler?

"Definitely. We knew they didn't have many big men and last game their big men hurt us. So we wanted to attack them and get them in foul trouble and get them out of the game. So we wanted to get the ball inside and attack inside out."



Thoughts on being alone in first place in the ACC standings now?

"I didn't know that - that's great news. We're right where we want to be."

The ball movement seemed much improved, most notably in the second half. Is that what you need to win big games?

"I think that works, especially against NC State in that we got their big men in foul trouble and we went right inside and went right at them. In the second half that hurt them and helped us a lot."



The team seemed to step it up a notch in the second half and force the tempo ...

"We felt like we were playing at their pace in the first half. It reminded us of the game in Raleigh where we really played at their place the entire game. They wanted to play a slow deliberate game, so we wanted to be aggressive and make them chase us in the second half."

You've talked about what's been missing from this team of late. Did you see what you'd been looking for tonight?

"Absolutely. We just fought hard and competed - and that's just the biggest thing. There weren't any signs that North Carolina State wanted it more than us. That was just the biggest key tonight."

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