2008 Intro: Travis Leggett

CERRO GORDO, N.C. --- Although he has yet to land his first official scholarship offer, the amount and strength of the interest he's receiving from college coaching staffs suggest that it's only a matter of time before offers start rolling in for Travis Leggett.

"Virginia has been by the school and so has N.C. State; Virginia Tech they've called [and] had interest, East Carolina has called [and] had interest, and South Carolina [has called]" said Vernon Brigman, Cerro Gordo (N.C.) West Columbus's head football coach. "Virginia has shown the most interest.

"They're all really impressed by his grades – he has a 4.0-gpa – and his character."

Leggett, a 6-foot 200-pound athlete, revealed that he regularly receives mail from Georgia, North Carolina, N.C. State, and Virginia, and speaks to Cavaliers' assistant coach Levern Belin over the phone almost daily.

"He texts me from time-to-time and I talk to him at night," said Leggett. "They want me to start for them. They're saying they want to get me the ball in games. They like my character [and] my grades. They want me to go up there and meet the team and the coaches and show them what I can do in camps and stuff."

While not completely sure of his summer schedule, Leggett is planning on attending Virginia Tech's camp in June and a return visit to North Carolina.

"I do want to go back to Chapel Hill, because the camp I went to before it wasn't like an individual camp, it was a team camp," said Leggett. "So they just pulled me to the side and showed them what I could do. I want to go back there and do a lot more individual stuff."

In terms of favorites, Leggett said he is favoring schools that are currently showing him the most interest.

"Virginia, they seem so interested in me, so I like them," said Leggett. "I like how they talk about me – they just seem really enthused about me. I look forward to going to meet them.

"N.C. State, I'd like to go there and see what's going on with them. I like Virginia Tech, also."

Leggett hopes to make a verbal commitment before the end of the summer.

"I'd like to go ahead and get this out of the way, so I can focus on what I've got to do and I want to graduate early so I can go ahead and get my first semester in of college [this spring]," said Leggett.

Wherever he lands, Leggett hopes to play running back, the position Brigman says he's mostly being recruited for.

"I just love getting the ball and making the big play," said Leggett. "I just love catching the ball, running the ball, and doing what I can do to win the game for the team."

Leggett is a utility player that is strong enough to hold down the power ‘back role, but also possesses breakaway speed.

"I think he's like a Reggie Bush-type ‘back," said Brigman. "He doesn't have Reggie Bush-type speed, but he has the hands. He's strong; he squats over 600 pounds, he's hang cleaning 355 pounds, [and] he's benching over 300 [pounds]. He's about a 4.5-4.6 [forty-yard dash time]. He's very explosive and plays with a lot of effort. Plays hard and works hard. He's never missed a day of practice since I've been here."

During his junior season, Leggett played out of position at quarterback. Brigman says Leggett will move to a more natural wing-back position this coming season.

"We're going back to the Wing-T offense," said Brigman. "We're going to split the carries up – he's not going to carry the load. We're going to try to get him his touches a game, but we have other kids we're going to let them carry the ball, too. But, we're going to try to get him some catches. He's going to still carry the ball, but I don't want to wear him down on offense, because on I'm going to use him on defense, too.

"He's going to play safety for us. We run a 50 [defense with] a lot of cover one [and] cover zero. He's going to be covering the tight end and when we go to our cover three look, he's going to be playing the middle of the field."

Although he only passed for 300 yards, Leggett totaled 1,320 yards and 13 touchdowns on 194 carries (6.8-yard average) last fall. He also collected six interceptions and 50 tackles, defensively.

As a sophomore, Leggett was among the state leaders in interceptions with nine. He also rushed for 1,064 yards and 11 touchdowns on 159 carries as a tailback.

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