UNC-UMd: Roy Williams Quotes (w/audio)

COLLEGE PARK, Md. --- North Carolina coach Roy Williams spoke to reporters following the Tar Heels' 89-87 loss to Maryland Sunday at the Comcast Center. Read and listen to what he had to say…

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Opening remarks -

We had some great chances, and yet you have to congratulate Maryland for doing some big-time things for them. They shot 64 percent in the second half and out-rebounded us, 46-33. There are some things we say we're getting better on, but we didn't guard them nearly as well as we wanted to. Early in the game they just kicked us as hard as you could be kicked. They went after all the loose balls. In the first half, they had 15 offensive rebounds; we had 15 total. I've got to go back to the drawing board and talk to the freshmen about covering people. And not just freshmen; that's not true. Reyshawn [Terry] went the wrong way one time. We don't sprint back and give up a layup. It's just a bad stretch.

I congratulate Maryland -- that's five in a row. At one time they were 2-5 in the conference and have shown great toughness. They've got themselves right back in it. I'm happy for Gary [Williams]. I really do enjoy him, and I really do like him. It was a tough situation for him the last two years not making the NCAA Tournament, but needless to say this club is doing some great things for him right now. Things are so much better. He's enjoying his life so much better right now. And right now, I'm not enjoying mine as much as I would like to. We have to get tougher, and we have to defend better. We can't allow people to go wherever they want to and get any shot they want to get.

I don't have much else to say. I know it was a two-point loss. We were intentionally trying to miss the second (free throw at the end of the game). We didn't do a good enough job getting on the proper side, and yet we almost came up with it. They made the free throws they had to make down the stretch, so congratulate them.

On the final free throw -

We have a play for intentionally missing a free throw. We went off on the wrong side.

On UNC's toughness -

They just physically beat us up. They were more aggressive to it, and I'm not talking about anything against the rules. They just went after the basketball harder than we did. Please understand, I'm not saying there was anything wrong with the way they played.

On having Brandan Wright in at the end with regard to free throw shooting -

A lot of times at the end of a game, you win on tips. So we like having bigger guys in. Sometimes if the score is tied or you're ahead, you might not do it. But if you're behind, you have to have someone who can shoot the basketball. We had a set play called on that play, and one player went the wrong way.

Was the last play specifically supposed to go inside to Wright?

No. We ran two (plays for Wayne Ellington) in a row, and he missed the one before he finally made it. We had run it twice in a row, but we were only down two. We had a play designed for a layup, and like I said, somebody went the wrong way.

Does this team have a killer instinct?

Who knows? We have 11 freshmen and sophomores and they're young; and they should be freshmen and sophomores right now. You've got to be able to make plays, and we put them on the foul line too much. They were in the 1+1 so early in the first half, and Ty [Lawson] had four fouls, and we had to take him out. So far we've bounced back pretty good after losses, but that doesn't mean one blessed thing unless you do it. We've got to do it again.

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