Roy Williams Monday Quotes

North Carolina head coach Roy Williams spoke to reporters on Monday via the weekly ACC coaches' teleconference. Here are some of his comments ...

On leaving Brandan Wright in the game for the key last-minute possession -

It's more important that we pick our lineup when we have the lead and the other team is trying to foul, but they weren't trying to foul yesterday. It was just an unfortunate situation where we ran a set play and it didn't work. But it wasn't just Brandan -- Alex Stepheson missed both, Ty [Lawson] missed a one-and-one, Tyler [Hansbrough] missed the second shot of a two-shot foul ...

[Brandan] is a youngster that's got to improve on that part of the game, there's no question about that. During conference play he's shooting 46 percent from the free throw line and 63 percent from the floor. It's an area that he has to improve and during the course of the season we've made some substitutions to not have him in the game.

When you're behind that last-second shot is often made on a tip-in and we wanted his offensive rebounding in there - he'd already had two baskets on offensive rebounds in the second half...

On the coming senior night next Sunday -

That's going to be very difficult. Reyshawn and Wes came here when I came here. So they've been here through some fantastic moments and some depressing moments as well. And they're both unique individuals ... both have been extremely important to me personally and extremely important to our basketball team and have had some great moments.

On his coaching approach at this point in the season -

We put in two new plays the last two weeks to give them something different and I think that's been helpful, but I still think you've got to build habits and the only way to build habits is by repetition, repetition, repetition.

Yesterday we--down the stretch--were not as good as we wanted to be, but Maryland was sensational. In the last nine possessions they scored 14 points. You have to take your hat off to them. Now defensively I think we could have done a better job of it and we could have done a better job rebounding. ... So I think you do a little bit of both and we're trying to do a little bit of both.

[We're] still stepping back and looking at it after every game - I look at it a million times more than anybody else does and I've done that since the day I started coaching and always will. But I think you've got to have a good mixture, and can throw some new things at them, but the new things they're not going to execute as well as the old things and defensively we're still trying to build habits.

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