Roy Williams Radio Show Quotes

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- Did you miss what Roy Williams said on his radio program Monday night? Here are some excerpts from the live call-in show hosted by Woody Durham ...

Opening Remarks -

"We do still have really, really good kids and we've just got to step up and be more competitive and more poised when the game is on the line and not let somebody out-physical us. Yesterday at halftime Maryland had 15 offensive rebounds and we had 15 rebounds total. We were No. 1 in the ACC in rebound margin and they were ninth or tenth. But they came in with an attitude of [the seniors] haven't been to the Tournament since their freshman year and we'd beaten them five times in a row and all those things built up and they came in and were much more aggressive than we were."

On the ACC Tournament -

"The way I look at it, I've never been a fan of conference tournaments. If I were a fan, I'd be a huge fan, but as a coach you play teams for 11 weeks and then you play them for three days and then you've got the [NCAA] Tournament. But at the same time we have it and since we have it, I've always wanted to win the sucker. People question my commitment to that, but they shouldn't. We haven't played well [the three years I've been here]. If it's on the schedule, we're going to try and win the sucker - there's no question about it whatsoever. ... At the same time, we've been to five Final Fours and we've never won the conference tournament in any of those times we've been to the Final Four. ... It's hard to win nine games in a row against the top level competition of college basketball. We've got two games left in the regular season and then we're going to go to Tampa and try to win the sucker ... "

On the rebounding troubles at Maryland -

"I think it was two things. First half we had four flat-out no box outs where our guys didn't react a put a body on someone before they could get to the basket. But there were some other time that Maryland was quicker and stronger to the basket. There was one play where Ekene Ibekwe shot it, missed it and got his own rebound and then shot it and missed it and got his own rebound again. And in that scenario we should have had somebody in his lap - put some more bodies in there and good things will happen. In the second half they only had two offensive rebounds - in the first half they had 15 - and the crazy thing about it is that both of those were by Mike Jones. What we talked about at halftime was putting a body on someone and being more aggressive to the ball. Coach Robinson always says 'You cannot have friendly boxouts.' It's not a friendly thing. We had too many friendly boxouts in the first half."

On Reyshawn Terry's health status -

"Last Wednesday night when we played NC State, if you were watching warmups, Reyshawn left during warmups and they took him into the trainer's room and tried to put some more heat on his knee because his tendonitis had really flared up and was very, very painful. So when we went back into the locker room for those last few minutes before we play the game, I asked him if he was able to go or not. He was able to play and it did bother him quite a bit. He did not appear to have problems with that at Maryland on Sunday. Tendonitis is something that stays around for a long time, but we hope it doesn't flare up too much."

On the team learning from losses -

"I never look at moral victories, but I'm hoping we learn from some of these things. But I'm also one of those old stubborn guys that wonders 'How much do you need to learn?' Be ready to play when the game starts and be into it mentally and physically with a great deal of intensity. Everybody will say 'But Coach, you're so young ...' and we are young, but bottom line is it doesn't make a different if you're young or old - you've got to play the game. So I'm hoping we will learn from some of these mistakes. ... We've made more free throws this year than our opponents have shot, but we haven't done that in ACC games. I think we're not moving our feet defensively and being satisfied reaching in as opposed to moving our feet."

On the key last-minute possession that ended with Brandan Wright at the free throw line -

"The crazy thing is we did have a play designed for a dunk and Brandan does make most of those. The play was designed for a dunk, the second part of the play was designed for a three-point shot by Wayne after a screen down by Tyler. I said after the game we had one player go the wrong direction, but in fact we had three guys that screwed it up and it's hard to believe that as much as we work on the thing. ... The play was not designed for Brandan to shoot a jump hook from eight feet and get fouled. But the other thing is that having Brandan in the game was the smart thing to do. We're two points down and if you look at it, a lot more game-winning baskets come on tip-ins and Brandan had already had two offensive rebounds for baskets. If we were ahead and the other team was going to foul intentionally, Brandan would not have been in the game. ... The play did not come out as it was designed to do."

On what UNC will need to do to earn a No. 1 seed in the NCAA Tournament -

"I probably do less trying to figure that out than anybody in the world because it doesn't really make that big a difference. I'm more interested in trying to win Thursday night. If we win Thursday night and we win Sunday, we'll be tied for [No. 1 in the ACC] the regular season and that'll say a heck of a lot to the committee. If we lose both these games and then win the ACC Tournament, I still think at that point we'd have a good chance. I've said many times to the crowd, my team, my family, my friends - let's not just look down the road, let's enjoy each day as it comes along ..."

On Thursday's game at Georgia Tech -

"They had a seven-point lead with two minutes to play and Virginia made a bunch of baskets. They're making a run for the NCAA Tournament, I think they're in, but it'll be a big-time basketball game and hopefully we play well ... [In our first game against Tech], I think it was closer than that final 17-point margin indicates."

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