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Larry Drew and his Taft team were readying for a postseason run -- as one of the favorites to win the California state title -- but a sudden decision meant there'd be no postseason for Drew and Taft. Now, the elite junior point guard shifts his focus to the AAU circuit and his recruitment. Inside Carolina caught up with Drew this week ...

InsideCarolina: Your season came to an abrupt end, what happened?
Larry Drew: It was shocking. Nobody expected it to happen, but it did. It just took everybody by surprise. There were guardianship issues with one of the players that transferred in. There were guardianship and paperwork issues.

IC: How did you think your season went overall?
LD: I think I did pretty good, but there are other kids out there that did just as good as I did or even better. I'm never satisfied with how I play. I always think I can do better. I think it went pretty well, but I'm really looking forward to next season as you could imagine.

IC: What did your final stats look like?
LD: 19 points, 9 assists and 4 rebounds

IC: How is the recruiting process developing?
LD: I think it's just starting to narrow down a little bit. My top three are still UCLA, North Carolina and Arizona, with North Carolina at the top and then UCLA. I still get a lot of phone calls and texts messages.

IC: You said North Carolina is at the top, what is it that you like about them?
LD: North Carolina is at the top because I love Roy Williams. He's a great coach and a great guy. I think he's shown the most interest in me since he's first watched me play. He's been calling me every chance he gets and texts me. He's had Joe Holladay text me and call me and send a bunch of letters. He's always checking in on me. I like North Carolina the basketball program - it's always at the top of the list.

IC: What do you like about UCLA that puts them in second place for you right now?
LD: They've been coming at me pretty hard, and that doesn't really affect me at all [that they have two '08 guard commitments]. We've looked at the players and the whole thing. I feel like by the time I get to UCLA they won't have a point guard or they will need another point guard because Jerime Anderson and I could both play it. Malcolm Lee, I more consider him a two or three. I'm not worried about playing time. I feel like any program that I go into that I'll play significant minutes. UCLA is right in my backyard. I've grown up around it and I've always liked UCLA and again the basketball program is great. I kind of like the fact that I could stay at home. Why leave if you don't have to, but I am willing to go anywhere.

IC: And Arizona?
LD: I like the point guard legacy they have there. They've had some great point guards go on to the NBA. Something I've been talking to Lute Olson about is that if I go to a school they are going to put the ball in my hands. It's going to be my team. I like the fact that I'll go there as a freshman and play and do whatever I have to do to get the job done.

IC: Some of the schools you are looking at have a chance to bring in some good classes, do you look at that?
LD: I'll go anywhere. I feel like I can go anywhere and playing with anybody. Actually I've been talking to Jrue Holiday a little bit. We are looking at some of the same schools and going over the pros and cons.

IC: You both took visits to UNC, did you all discuss that?
LD: I asked him what he thought about [the visit] and he said the same things about Coach Williams and the campus. We both liked a lot of the same stuff.

IC: What's your time frame on a decision?
LD: I think I'll have my decision by the end of the summer. I think that's my deadline.

IC: Are you going to continue to play with the Pumps this summer?
LD: Yea, Me, Jrue (Holiday), Luke Babbit and the Wear twins from Mater Dei.

IC: What is your schedule looking at this summer, camp wise?
LD: I think I'm going to Steve Nash's and LeBron's camp. Kobe asked my dad if I could go to his hopefully, so I hope to do those three. I think I'm going to USA's basketball thing and I'm going to the NBA Camp I think. So far that's all I know. Going to Steve Nash's Camp, been invited to USA, NBA Camp.

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