UNC-Duke: Roy Williams Quotes (w/audio)

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. --- North Carolina coach Roy Williams spoke to reporters following the Tar Heels' 86-72 win over Duke on Sunday. Read and listen to what they had to say…

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Opening remarks –

It was a great afternoon for us. It was a very fitting way, in my opinion, for Wes Miller and Dewey Burke and Reyshawn Terry to play their last game in the Smith Center. It was a big time game. It's a very aggressive, physical, demanding game on both ends of the floor. Tyler Hansbrough, I told him - I guess its about as big a compliment as I would give him - that was a Sean May-like - 26 points, 17 rebounds in 30 minutes of action. He was impressive. I thought Marcus coming off the bench, giving us 13 was something. Defensively - in the first half I thought we were pretty good, in the second half I didn't think we were nearly as good. But again, we were playing a very, very good basketball team.

I liked our defense, as I said, for the first part of the game. Early in the game, we were extremely active and got a big lead - I don't know how big - but we basically kept that almost the whole first half.

You hate that it ended like it did - with the stuff going on but, at the same time, we were very, very pleased and we also realize that we're very happy and very lucky. We got a lot of help down the last week of the season. We did set a goal of winning the regular season. We didn't think we would part of it at 11 and 5 but we're very thankful for that and now we've got to play.

On the incident at the end of the game -

I thought that Tyler was hit. The referees said that they would look at it. They did say immediately it was going to be an intentional foul but they wanted to look at it on the monitor. They looked at it on the monitor and then made their decisions.

On the extent of Tyler's injury -

It's not like a prize fight where you ask what the other guy looks like - he looks pretty bad. They say that it is not broken.

On the inside game plan today -

With Tyler and Brandan I think we should. I'm still mystified cause I thought we were maybe going to be the best shooting team I've ever seen and we haven't shot it consistently all year. We make some, but don't make some. I felt all year that we were going to be a great shooting team and we haven't been, but those guys inside have really done a nice job. Georgia Tech, the other night, we lost. To Maryland, we lost. But if you look our big guy stats are still pretty good. We are at least sensible - we're not the brightest guys all the time but I do feel like we have to go inside with the basketball.

On whether the team was made aware that a win would give them first place in the ACC -

I went to the baseball game and somebody came down and told me that Wake Forest had beaten Virginia and I said it makes no difference - we still have to play. If the team knew that it was first place or fifth place - I didn't say anything about that.

On the foul on Tyler Hansbrough that led to Gerald Henderson's ejection -

I have not seen the replays - I told you my impression. I thought Tyler got hit.

On Coach Krzyzewski suggesting that the team's starters should not have been in the game when Tyler Hansbrough was fouled -

I don't understand that - I mean both teams had `em in. I was sitting in the stands my first - the only game I saw when I was first here as a high school coach - we win and beat Duke and we were down by eight with 17 seconds to play. I don't even know how much time was left when it happened. And in fact we had a substitute up at the free throw line - if you want to go back and look at that. If you go back and look Michael Copeland was sitting up at the free throw line cause I was trying to Tyler out of the game. It's not my fault that Tyler got the offensive rebound and somebody else missed the sucker. But that is enough said about that junk.

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