UNC-Duke: Locker Room Quotes

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. --- Read player quotes from each team following the game.

UNC Player Quotes


On if he feels like the team is going into the tournament playing well -

Yea, I definitely feel like we're getting to where we should be. This part of the season, it's crunch time now. We can't afford any setbacks. I think Coach Williams is going to get us prepared and we're going to take it upon ourselves to take that time to be ready to step up to the plate.

On finishing tonight -

We were just determined, more than anything. This is our home court, and this is our archrival. We definitely wanted to finish out on top, and I wanted to go as hard as I can and give it the extra effort on my Senior Day here.


On inside the paint shooting -

When we get the ball in the paint, inside the three point line, making shots, the sky's the limit for us, we can do anything. Tyler was really on tonight; he had an excellent game. Guys really went out there and put it all on the line for the team.

On getting the mojo back -

I don't think we ever lost it, personally. A lot of critics want to say we did, but, like the guys said out there, we're going to be fine. Just continue to play hard and bring it together on both end of the court...If we play up to our capabilities, it's going to be hard for other teams to beat us.


On playing Carolina's game -

We've been talking for a couple days now about really getting back to our principles. We talked about toughness a couple days ago and defined toughness as not letting other teams take us out of what we do. What we do is pound the ball inside. We start it inside, and if they're covering us inside, then we kick it out. If they're not handling us inside, then we're going to pound it inside. We just kept pounding it and kept pounding it, getting them into foul trouble, and we just got the shot that we want. Like we said, we weren't going to let them keep us from getting the shot we want.

On perimeter defense -

We really felt like we had the advantage on the perimeter. We didn't feel like they were going to be able to stop us out there on the perimeter, and just having that confidence really gave our guards just that extra push to be able to penetrate and make big time plays.

Duke Player Quotes


On the foul on Tyler Hansbrough -

I was not intentionally trying to hurt anybody. Obviously it was a foul. I was not trying to hurt or hit the kid.

On the blood from Tyler's nose -

I've seen blood before and it's a physical game.

On an apology to Coach Williams or Tyler Hansbrough -

I didn't get a chance to yet, but if I cross them.


On Gerald Henderson absence in the ACC Tournament -

He's been really well for us and he had another great game today. We are going to have to step up, everyone is going to have to step it up a little bit more in order to fulfill what he brought to the team. He's going to be okay and he'll be back and we just need to have him keep playing the way he is.

On Henderson getting over this incident -

Gerald [Henderson] did not mean to anything, I think it was an accident. He was trying to make a play on the ball and the way the play went it was a bit more physical. He played well, Tyler [Hansbrough] played well. They deserve credit for what they did they played well.

On the process after this game what is the plan -

Getting ready for the tournament. It's that time of year, we'll travel in a couple of days, and we'll wait to see who we play. When we figure that out we'll do scouting and just get ready to go with that. That's what's ahead of us, that's what's next.


On what made Tyler [Hansbrough] tough to guard -

He was getting the ball, he was getting possessions, and he was getting shots.

On the second half run -

We started playing better defense to get us back in the game. They got a few shots that dropped and we could not make shots during possessions and that's what happens.

On Gerald Henderson's possible suspension -

Hopefully it won't be, he didn't do anything that was intentional. I don't think they should suspend him. If he is, we'll move on and he'll be fine when we get him back.

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