Roy Williams Radio Show Quotes

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- Did you miss what Roy Williams said on his radio program Monday night? Here are some excerpts from the live call-in show hosted by Woody Durham ...

On finishing the regular season atop the ACC standings -

"We set out with that as a goal and I didn't think we could do it with five losses in the league at 11-5, but at the same time it says a great deal about how strong our league was and I'm hopeful in a week from now we can get seven or eight teams in the NCAA Tournament because I think that's how strong our league was. But that was one of our goals and I congratulated the kids after the game being able to have a banner up in the Smith Center that says conference champions. But we don't want to stop there."

On Tyler Hansbrough's condition immediately after the nose injury --

"He was extremely upset - as upset as I've ever seen him. They get him back there and they finally get the bleeding stopped. And he has blood all over his uniform, I mean it's soaked in blood. And he says to [strength and conditioning coach] Jonas [Sahration], 'Jonas, how about taking a picture of me and put it up in the weight room.' We did get him a clean jersey before he came back out ...

"Yesterday, that bothered him a great deal and I think it was the amount of blood that got him. The players did a good job of taking care of him, the referees did a good job getting him out there and our trainers physicians did a really nice job. and And I really think he'll be fine for practice tomorrow."

On the team's restraint after Hansbrough went down -

"Our team is very poised and I got out on the court probably as quickly as I've ever gone out on the court. I turned around after a few strides and motioned to our bench that everybody has stay on the bench, that's one of the rules ... and the guys understand that."

On Gerald Henderson's intent -

"I really believe that it was not premeditated by any means and it was something that Gerald himself wished didn't happen. He's a wonderful kid, who we tried to recruit ... no way do I think it was premeditated ... I just don't believe that whatsoever. He's too classy a kid to have that happen. It's something that happened in the action that you look back and wish it didn't."

On Marcus Ginyard's contributions -

"Marcus last year started off very well, was good defensively, and we thought we needed some more outside shooting so we put Wes [Miller] in and Marcus gave us good play off the bench. This year ... Marcus goes in, he'll get a steal, get an offensive rebound and I think those are big. I will admit, though, that when it was 53-50 yesterday and we ran a set play out of bounds and it didn't work and we threw it to Marcus at the top of the key and he started to shoot I was thinking 'What are you doing?' And it went right in the bottom of the basket so I did what all good always coaches do, I clapped and said 'Atta boy, Marcus.' He did do some good things on the offensive end, and he's always been there for us defensively. Any time he adds a little bit of offense it's really icing on the cake.

"You measure his value by his defensive grade, which is usually extremely positive. And then you look at the other things - the screens, the offensive rebounds -- and you realize how much he helps your team"

On Ty Lawson's ability to penetrate -

"We do want Ty to drive more. We do have a little bit of a problem because we want guys to post up -- we want Tyler in the low post, we want Brandan in the low post -- but we don't want them both in there at the same time. When they do get in there, sometimes it clogs it up a little bit and you can't open the lane up as much as we want to because the defensive players for Tyler and Brandan won't come out. If the other team would cooperate with us we'd put all our players on the sideline and let Ty drive and lay it up against everybody. Because nobody can guard him effectively when he has space ... "

"Roy Williams Live" airs Monday evenings on Tar Heel Sports Network affiliates.

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