UNC Players Tuesday Q&A (w/audio)

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. --- North Carolina players Tyler Hansbrough, Brandan Wright, Bobby Frasor and Wayne Ellington addressed the media on Tuesday prior to the Tar Heels' practice at the Smith Center. Read and listen to what they had to say ...

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Has Gerald Henderson personally apologized to you for what happened?

"No, I haven't heard anything from him. I'm pretty sure he doesn't have my number, but I'm not concerned about it right now. I was upset when it happened, I don't think he did it intentionally. I don't really like talking about it because I really don't know how to handle the situation. But I'm fine now. I was kind of shocked that my nose was broken when they handed me the X-Ray, I just thought it was a bad nose bleed. But it feels all right."

Have you tried on the mask?

"Yeah, I got the mask. They molded my face yesterday and I went back to the doctor today and they made some small changes. I'm going to wear it today in practice and see how it feels. I'm not too crazy about the mask. It's one of those things where they strongly recommend you wear it, but at the same time I have no problem taking it off. They say if I get hit my nose could get adjusted, but I'm not too worried about that. ... I think it's going to be my option [whether or not to wear it Friday] because if it messes me up too much, I won't wear it. But the way it felt at the doctor's office, it felt fine and I could see everything. I think I'll play with it unless something happens."

And what happened with the injury to your mouth?

"It's my upper tooth. I haven't heard back from the CT scan, but my X-Ray showed that it wasn't a fracture and my tooth is fine - I can just wiggle it around a little bit. ... I can't really remember when it happened, but I think I caught somebody's elbow with my tooth. That's why I had the mouthguard on."

What were your thoughts when you watched the replay of what happened to your nose?

"My first thoughts ... in the game I was upset, but watching it on TV, I can't really comment on him. I read where he said it wasn't intentional or anything like that. It was a hard hit and it did hurt, but at the same time I can't really ... because my feelings as a player, I understand if I hit somebody, I don't ever intend to hurt anybody and I don't think he intended it to be like that. So if people look at it and say he did it intentionally, that'd be wrong because as a player you don't want to hurt somebody. I don't think he did it intentionally."



When did you find out you won the ACC Freshman of the Year award?

"I just found out about 10 minutes ago. I was excited ... I'm just thankful and blessed and my teammates allowed me to win the award. ... The league was very deep - even on my own team it was very deep."

It's the third straight year that a Tar Heel has won the award - your thoughts on joining Marvin Williams and Tyler Hansbrough?

"I don't think you should go that far - I think I have a long way to go to be considered with names like that. ... It's kind of important [to me], but I have team goals of winning the ACC Tournament and then looking at the national championship. But the awards on the side is always kind of nice, especially in a conference like this on a team like this."



How do you think this team is playing now? You had a two-game losing streak and then bounced back on Sunday ...

"I feel real comfortable [going into the ACC Tournament]. We're confident right now, the No. 1 seed, and hopefully the team can play well and earn the No. 1 seed in the NCAA Tournament. Hopefully we can take care of business."

How much do you feel like yourself now?

"I feel a lot more comfortable out there. When i first came back I was a little timid on passes and running things, but now I'm going as quick as I was before I was hurt. I feel as good as I ever have out there ... My shot's coming along. I was hitting it a lot early in the year and it hasn't been dropping as much as I want, but that's just me. I've got to get out and get my reps up."



Have you talked to Gerald Henderson about the incident?

"It was a regular conversation. We were not really talking about that accident, just trying to move on from there."

Is it hard to have that happen in light of you too being such good friends and among fans that are such heated rivals?

"It's not hard. That's how fans are going to react when one of us gets hurt."

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