UNC-FSU: Tar Heels Press Conference (w/audio)

TAMPA, Fla. --- North Carolina coach Roy Williams and players Wayne Ellington and Reyshawn Terry addressed the media during the post-game press conference Friday at the St. Pete Times Forum. Read and listen to what they had to say.

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Roy Williams

Opening remarks -

We're glad to be able to stay here another day and play, it's the way you should look at it in a tournament. I truly believe you build your momentum once you get in a tournament. The first half was a little ugly at times, missing free throws, and it was a huge lift right before the half. It was safe to say it was a four-point game or a six-point game, and then all of a sudden it was a ten-point game, and then with the two free throws it was a 12-point game. Then we scored the first three possessions of the half and that made it a lot better as well. I thought we tried to fight through some silliness and I thought we did a good job of that, but we needed to get the basketball inside. I really felt for Tyler (Hansbrough) today, playing with that mask on. The doctors really wanted him to do it and I was able to convince him to do it today. I don't know if I'll be able to convince him to do it tomorrow. It bothered him like it would bother everybody. It's one of the things that everyone's forgotten about with all the stuff, that this is a kid that got hurt and I think he tried to play as hard as he possibly could, but Wayne (Ellington) gave us a big lift making some shots today, and I think Reyshawn (Terry) gave us a big lift on the back boards that we were very fortunate they got in foul trouble. We were deeper. We tried to play a lot of people in the first half and get some possessions out of everybody, and hopefully if we got fouls called we were spread out us and not as spread out on them and that helped us in the game to say the least.

On importance of winning tournament -

I haven't won an ACC Tournament championship since I came back, I would love to do that myself. Everybody always acts like I pooh-pooh the ACC Tournament because there is that thought process that you play people for nine weeks, why do you have to play them all again in three days? But it's what it is, and since we're here I want to win this sucker. There's no question in my mind I'd like to win it. I'd like the world's largest cocktail party, the Carolina Blue People to have more bragging rights than anybody else.

On not seeming pleased with Brandan (Wright) off the bench -

It was stupid. Brandan (Wright) didn't jump as high and have those arms, and turned it over on a four-on-two, but ‘Q' (Quentin Thomas) chose that Brandan can get up there to get it, and I told him Brandan saved his life.

Reyshawn Terry

On importance of winning tournament -

It would be great because I've never won an ACC Tournament since I've been here, even being on the team that won the National Championship. It's very important to me, as well as my team and my coaches. It's very big for us.

On getting the ball inside -

Their defense was very aggressive the first couple of seconds, but we tried to be patient on offense and give them a chance to make the mistake. With that said, guys doing that we were able to get the ball inside and just be patient on offense.

Wayne Ellington

On impact of technical at half time -

We started the second half with an easy two points, and that's always good. It got us in flow, got us in the momentum.

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