UNC-FSU: Locker Room Report (w/audio)

TAMPA, Fla. --- UNC players Wayne Ellington, Tyler Hansbrough and Ty Lawson spoke to reporters from the locker room immediately following the Tar Heels' 73-58 quarterfinals win over Florida State in the 2007 ACC Tournament at the St. Pete Times Forum. Read and listen to what they had to say.

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On the effect of the mask -

I like to get on the floor and get steals, so it could have had an effect on that.

How close did you come to taking the mask off?

I told one of the assistant coaches that I was getting tired of it. They told me just try to get through the first half. I came into the locker room, gathered myself and put it back on. It was difficult. It was uncomfortable. I don't like it. It affects my vision. But I just have to get through that.

Are you going to wear it tomorrow?

I've got to wear it for a while.

What was the most difficult thing for you with the mask on?

Probably my vision and it's uncomfortable. I'm just not one of those guys that likes to have things put on me.



On the importance of transition game -

That's our offense. We start our break off of our defense, so when we get the ball out on the wings and start running, the sky's the limit.

On the ACC Tournament -

Everybody wants to be at the top of their game or you have to go home. So you have to rise to the occasion.

Are you aware of the history of this tournament and what it means?

Yeah. Coach talks to us. He said it's an important tournament for us. He hasn't won it since he came back (to Carolina). So it's a big tournament for us.



On bouncing back after not starting in Ga. Tech game -

I bounced back, because I didn't start but I still had a good game. I just didn't play many minutes. I'm just trying to the end of the season to keep playing good and playing hard.

Practice is a big part of the game. I had a horrible practice, so Coach decided to put me down for a little bit.

On his steal just before halftime -

I was looking at the guy taking the ball out, and he was looking at the player he was throwing it into. He didn't know I was around. I had we had one or two seconds left, and Deon [Thompson] tipped it in. We were only up six points, and then coming into the second half, we were up 12. That did a lot for us.

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