UNC-BC: Tar Heels Press Conference (w/audio)

TAMPA, Fla. --- North Carolina coach Roy Williams and UNC players Brandan Wright and Ty Lawson addressed the media in the post-game press conference. Read and listen to what they had to say.

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Roy Williams

Opening remarks -

We're excited about being here, we're excited about beating a very good Boston College team. I thought our defense was better today than it's been in a while. I thought Ty Lawson was sensational guarding Tyrese [Rice]. Tyrese had 32 [points] last night but let's understand that he had to play 45 minutes last night. Jared [Dudley] had to play 45 minutes and on back-to-back nights that's difficult to do, but I thought Ty [Lawson] may have had his best defensive game of the year because Tyrese [Rice] is so hard to keep in front of him.

On the play of Tyler Hansbrough -

I thought Tyler Hansbrough was really big rebounding the ball for us. You can look at his stats over the course of the year and until these last two games he always shoots a great percentage. That mask is bothering him a great deal, and it still bothers me because he's the victim and no one is worried about him. It's a shame because he's had a great year, a great two years, but right now he's struggling, but I love kids that will find another way to help us win and his rebounding I thought was part of that.

On the play of Brandan Wright -

Brandan [Wright] did a great job for us inside and also was able to run the floor. He can run a heck of a lot faster than he even realizes he can run and if I can get him to do it more consistently it would really be a lot of fun, but I think that getting out and running on the break and showing great hands, he got his feet settled. He didn't come close to walking. He had one play where he looked like somebody out for an afternoon stroll but he finally laid it up. We feel very good. Our defense was good and I think we did some good things on offense and we're happy to be here.

On younger players stepping up -

By this time of the year you should have been exposed to everything and you're not nearly as freshman-like as you were at the start of the year. We've played 33 games so they are experienced and kids these days are more worldly than they were 15 or 20 years ago. Most of the time our guys, even yesterday it was the first ACC Tournament game where our first-, second- and third- leading scorers were freshman, and today we had that same kind of scenario where all three guys in double-figures were freshmen. I really believe it was Ty Lawson's best defensive game of the year. Kids are so much more experienced now. They're not as phased by things like this as they used to be, and it's not to say we can't screw it up. Even the one who didn't have his ears cleaned out was a freshman too, but it's a game of mistakes and we just try to make as few as we possibly can.

Brandan Wright

On intensity at beginning of the game -

We have team goals and intensity is a big thing. We always talk about it as a team and we haven't won an ACC Tournament Championship in a while and the guys on the team really want that.

On lessons from first year -

I've learned a lot of things, and I can't even tell you in such a short time period. I learned you've got to keep the intensity going, you've got to play hard every possession and you can't let your guard down because guys are coming after me.

Ty Lawson

On Tyler Hansbrough's efforts and intensity -

Tyler is a leader, probably not by words but by emotion and everything, so when we see him get intense in games and just putting all his effort into it we just have to follow because he's like our unspoken leader.

On Lawson's strategy against Tyrese Rice -

Just staying in front of him, not letting him get in the lane and penetrating to score, and making sure he didn't get the ball back because he's a good player, and he's the heart of the team. I just made sure he didn't get off and have a good night.

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