UNC-BC: Photo Gallery

TAMPA, Fla. --- Inside Carolina photographer Jim Hawkins was courtside for North Carolina's semifinal win Saturday over Boston College ...

Reyshawn Terry fights for the rebound

Tyler Hansbrough muscles through traffic

Ty Lawson soars to the hoop, leaving a BC defender in his wake

One of many dunks on the day for Brandan Wright

Danny Green and Bobby Frasor defend Tyrese Rice, who the Tar Heels shutdown all day

Roy Williams can't believe the referee's call

Hansbrough goes up strong

Wayne Ellington slashes through the lane

Green fires a three

Lawson watches the official rule he was out of bounds, but his teammates recognize the defensive hustle

Hansbrough takes a rebound from BC's Jared Dudley

Terry to the hoop

Hansbrough grabs the board despite a tug from a BC player

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