NCAA Wed. Quotes: Terry, Hansbrough (w/audio)

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. --- North Carolina players Reyshawn Terry and Tyler Hansbrough addressed the media from the Lawrence Joel Coliseum on Wednesday in advance of the Tar Heels first-round match-up with Eastern Kentucky. Read and listen to what they had to say.

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Tyler, will you wear your mask again this week? And, if so, will it be a new one that has been remolded to your face?

Hansbrough: Yes, I do have a new mask. I got it today. I do feel like it's a little more comfortable and I can see out of it. And I think there is a possibility that I will wear this mask. I haven't played in it yet, or done anything in it yet. I was wearing the old mask throughout practice and just got the new one sent. So I'm going to practice in it and see how it feels and we'll go from there.

How is this mask different?

Hansbrough: It's a lot tighter on the face and it doesn't cut my vision like the old one did. I think the old one - it kind of stuck out a little bit on my eyes and this one is more down to the face.

Have you heard from Gerald Henderson about the incident?

Hansbrough: He called me, I think Wayne gave him my number, and he called and apologized.

Did you accept the apology? Is it something you can put behind you? Or does it still promote a lot of anger and resentment in your mind?

Hansbrough: I mean, it is frustrating, my nose is broken and I have to wear a mask. I accept his apology and things like that. But at the same time, I have a broken nose and its not comfortable wearing that mask all the time. I don't really know what to say to him besides it happens and I accept your apology.

Was the adjustment to the mask more physical or mental?

Hansbrough: I think it was more physical. I mean, when it cuts your vision up, especially your peripheral vision out of the side, it makes it pretty hard to shoot my jump hook when I turn to my side and not being able to see the goal. Shooting straight on, it didn't really bother me there. But it was frustrating. Mentally, I didn't think I had a problem with it. But once you have a bad game in that mask, I think it could stay with you in your mind. But I think it's more physical.

Reyshawn, what went through your mind when you saw Tyler go down on the floor in that game? Was there a moment when you thought it might get out of control?

Terry: With Tyler, you never know what might happen. Especially after taking a hit like that. I feel, personally, that it was inappropriate - the contact. But it was in the heat of the moment and in a game like that, it happens. I was a little bothered by it, but at the same time, Coach is a great person for keeping things under control and he lets us know all the time to stay on the bench if anything happens. We were controlled, and kept our composure and pretty much just let Coach handle it.

Tyler, you were having some trouble breathing through your nose. Any residual affects from this? You also got hit in the ACC tournament. Was there any pain or discomfort then?

Hansbrough: Yeah, I took a couple hits in the Boston College game. Yeah, it did bother me a little bit in my nose. As far as my breathing – my right nostril, it was difficult to breathe after the hit just because of the swelling. I think after the swelling has gone down, it's cleared up a little bit, my breathing has gotten a little better. But I talked to the doctor and they think after the season they won't have to fix it or anything, looks like its healing pretty straight.

Reyshawn, you are a Winston-Salem guy. Is anything going through your mind being back in town?

Terry: Pretty much to stay focused on what we came here to do and that is to win basketball games.

You guys had a tough first round game last year with a team from the same area. Has Coach talked to you about that any? Is that in the back of your mind?

Hansbrough: Yeah, Coach [Steve] Robinson, our assistant coach, going over scouting reports today said they are from the same conference. And I think we only beat Murray State by four points. It just shows you where they come from and the kind of competition they play.

Reyshawn, last couple of games you've hit the big shots that have either stopped rallies or won the game. Can you speak to this potential role as the clutch shooter? What goes through your mind? How do you feel responsible?

Terry: Coming in the last game, I sat for a while, and basically I was just telling myself once I get in the game I have to give my team some kind of spark. Whether it was on the defensive end or the offensive end, I felt like I had to do something. The opportunity presented itself and fortunately I was able to knock down the shot.

Can you get through to the freshmen how important it is to take one game at a time? And how do you think they are reacting in these early stages?

Terry: Me personally, I feel like experience is the biggest teacher. Me, Tyler and the guys that were here last year, we've experienced it ourselves, we know what its like and we can tell them this is what it takes for us to move on in the NCAA Tournament. But, it's up to them, we can only say so much to them.

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