Roy Williams Tuesday PC Quotes (w/audio)

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. --- North Carolina coach Roy Williams addressed the media from the Smith Center on Tuesday in advance of the Tar Heels' trip to New Jersey for the NCAA Tournament Regionals. Read and listen to what he had to say.

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On some players getting extended minutes -

It just depends on which team it is. In the ACC Tournament, we played three straight days, and they didn't play those kinds of minutes. I'm going to play who I want to play at that specific time. It just depends. I don't expect that to happen, and I don't expect it not to happen. Probably the other night Brandan [Wright's] foul trouble (led to Tyler Hansbrough playing more minutes than normal).

On Reyshawn Terry's condition -

They were running some tests this morning for strep. He did running and shooting yesterday…and he still had headaches. I do not expect him to practice today.

How valuable is Hansbrough's free throw shooting?

Well, he should get to the line more. That's the bottom line. He shoots them pretty well, and hopefully he'll continue shoot them well. I don't think much about free throw shooting…it's just proper technique and practice – that's all it is.

On Hansbrough's style lending itself to more foul calls -

He doesn't mind the contact. He draws contact, and he doesn't mind it.

On USC coach Tim Floyd -

He has two things that he does really, really well. One, he can coach; and two, he's got players that listen to what he says and try to follow what he says. He's a phenomenal coach. Everybody can say, ‘Well, it didn't work out for him in the NBA.' Last year when we played them up there, they kicked our tails in the second half worse than anybody had all year. That was a nightmare ride back home…just before Christmas. I looked over that stat sheet for about five hours. Tim does a great job coaching. He took Iowa State to another level.

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