UNC-Syracuse: Locker Room Report

Dan Orner

I didn't even think we were going to go kick the field goal, so I kind of ran out there and didn't think twice about it. The snap came back, the holder gave me a chance. The snapper and the holder are awesome.

The second and third ones were just icing on the cake. I knew once I broke the ice, then you start climbing. You feel a lot better, a lot more confident. Once I broke the ice I felt like, I just got to go out there and do it.

Malcolm Stewart

(on the fourth quarter three-and-out series)

Before we left the sideline, our goal was to get the ball back. From last week, we realized that we had to get the ball back, and we just went out and executed it.

Willie Parker

(on the improved running game)

I think our offensive line just started making holes out there. They started feeling confident. I think (in the fourth quarter) that Syracuse began wearing down.

(on the fourth quarter drive)

There was no doubt in our mind that we were going to go down there and score. The O-line was playing great, and the receivers were making big catches at the end.

Darian Durant

(on the play-calling on third down in final drive)

Coach just put us in a tremendous situation on calling third-and-long. We knew where to exploit their defenses.

(on how it felt to win his first game as a starter)

Got the monkey off my back, like Steve Young said when he won the Super Bowl. There's a lot of talk about how I'm a good quarterback but that I don't win games, and I just needed the first one. Hopefully, it can be the start of a string of games to come.

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