Spring Practice: Day 3 Photo Gallery

CHAPEL HILL, N.C.--Action photos from the gridiron Tar Heels through spring practice.

Coach Kenny Browning gives intructions to the kick-returners.

E.J. Wilson works on hand placement against a stationary tackling dummy.

Lane Clemmons kicks the field goal with Shaun Draughn closing fast.

Former UNC wide receiver Adarius Bowman visits with Ronald Brewer.

Running back Johnny White runs with his eyes on the end zone.

Quarterback T.J. Yates hits running back Justing Warren with the pass in the flat.

Quarterback B.J. Phillips makes the pitch on the option.

Linebacker Quan Sturdivant goes through a footwork drill.

Defensive end Hilee Taylor follows intructions from Coach John Blake to "lay out and get him,"...

...and defensive tackle Aleric Mullins goes airborne to "make a play on the ball."

Linebacker Bruce Carter works on his technique as Tommy Thigpen gives instructions.

Wide reciver Kenton Thornton makes the catch from quarterback Ben Johnson(19) and heads downfield as Yates and Joe Dailey line up for the next rep.

Tight ends work on blocking technique with Steve Hagan following along and giving encouragement.

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