LB - Vince Hall - Chesapeake (VA) Western Branch

Vince Hall is an aggressive linebacker out of Chesapeake (VA) Western Branch High School. Ranked four stars by network, his stats include 110 tackles, 28 tackles for loss, and 13 sacks...

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Vince Hall is a four year starter out of Chesapeake (VA) Western Branch High School. He is one of the top linebackers out of the Atlantic Region. Mark Ellington spoke to Hall following the Syracuse/North Carolina game to get an update on his recruiting situation.

Max Bench:
Max Squat:
450 Ranking:

Favorites: Maryland, North Carolina, Penn State, Tennessee and Virginia Tech.

Inside Carolina: Vince, did you get a chance to watch the North Carolina game?
Vince Hall: I was able to watch part of it.

IC: What did you think of the game?
Hall: I thought it was all right.

IC: What were your thoughts about the UNC defense?
Hall: They looked liked the typical North Carolina defense to me. Nasty.

IC: Who did you think would win the game?
Hall: I thought that North Carolina was going to win from the start.

IC: Are you going on visit next weekend?

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