Roy Williams Radio Show Quotes

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- Did you miss what Roy Williams said on his radio program Monday night? Here are some excerpts from the final live call-in show of the season ...

On the Georgetown game -

John Wallace just made a big, big shot for them and we didn't make a play. It was not just that play – the last six minutes I think we got a little tight and the ball didn't go in the basket for us. There was a combination of things that ended up making it a better night for Georgetown.

What did you say to your players after the game on Sunday night?

Well, I apologized to them because at that point I told them I thought I wasn't intelligent enough to say something to take away the pain or change the outcome. … And then I said some personal things because I love coaching this team. I'll say this, and I told my team last night, ‘Georgetown won the game, but I'll still take my kids.'

… I told our kids last night we have to learn from it we have to bounce back and we have to build on it.

… I grabbed Wayne Ellington last night and said ‘Hey, big fella'. Nothing we can do, the shot didn't go in. But you made a bunch and you're going to make a bunch more.' That youngster will use that as motivation.

What was your favorite moment of the season?

This team really gave me some great moments. The Ohio State game was just fantastic because we'd lost to Gonzaga and bounced back against Tennessee. It was a great night at the Smith Center … and I don't mind telling you that winning over at Cameron Stadium, that was big. And then coming back and winning the last regular season game to get a share of the conference championship. How tough our team was against Michigan State and the great comeback against Southern Cal. I say it so much people get tired of it, but we really have great kids.

On Brandan Wright's decision to go pro or return to school –

I start my individual player meetings this week and I'll finish half this week and the rest next week. We'll sit down and talk with every player and we'll talk about a lot of things. That will be one of the things we'll talk about with two or three of our guys. I wanted to coach Marvin Williams more than one year, but that was the best thing for him to do. We'll look at what's best for Brandan and get him to decide what he wants to do. I have some opinions and I'll give those opinions. But you're talking about one of the greatest youngsters that's ever walked this campus. Whatever Brandan Wright wants to do deep in his heart, I'll be there with him and I don't care what it is. … He's just got a wonderful personality and a wonderful character.

How much research do you do on behalf of those young men?

I'll usually talk to about 10 different NBA teams. … Now the NBA themselves has an advisory council with five different general managers and player-personnel directors. And in addition to that committee I talk to the people I know.

On the seniors –

I'll start with Dewey Burke – he was fantastic for our program and the chemistry of the team. … Wes Miller, I may be as proud of him as anybody I ever coached. It's hard to imagine any youngster who's worked as hard as Wes Miller worked, trying to get every ounce out of his potential. It's a youngster I've loved coaching and admire greatly … Reyshawn, a youngster who was second team all-state and who didn't play his freshman or sophomore years and struggled at times, at the end of the year he was sick as a dog but still came in and played and did some good things. And yesterday he tried, but he hadn't practiced but one time in eight days. … Three youngsters I have a great deal of admiration for.

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