Bunting radio quotes

Head coach John Bunting was interviewed by 850AM "The Buzz" on Monday afternoon. Here are some noteworthy excerpts ...

On the first-quarter fumble problems vs. Syracuse -

"When you watch on tape, the feelings are rehashed and it makes your blood boil. Those things are frustrating to the head coach, the offensive coordinator, the defense, the fans ... We overcame it and played well."

On Durant -

If you take away the Miami (OH) fumbles and interceptions, he's up there (with most QBs).

On Dan Orner's performance -

Morten Anderson hasn't had days like that. I've seen him in camp when he is long and high. I've seen days where he is hot and I've seen days where he and his counterpart can't hit the broadside of a barn. We don't win without him. ... I talked with [Coach] Fleming about it and he said 35 is the cutoff. Then we stalled at the 37 early in the second half and he booted it through from 55. Hes like some of those small golfers, hes got good clubhead speed.

On the defense -

Two straight weeks the D has battled. My staff is willing those kids, and they are battlers. A lot of them saw action and theyre hungry. Dougie (Justice) is going to get better but he's gotta get stronger.

On Texas -

We are playing the big boys now. Speed and Talent. We are playing the talent now. ... If Mack wants to square off with me, we can go outside, but I don't think its going to happen.

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