Real Deal: UNC Target Report

FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. --- Given the size of the event, the massive Real Deal on the Hill featured only a limited number of potential North Carolina recruits. Still, that shouldn't take away from the work that was being done by the kids -- three of them on the same team -- who mentioned that Carolina is involved with them.

A guy like Jrue Holiday is already pretty well known to the Carolina fanbase. But, it doesn't hurt for Tar Heel fans to start getting themselves familiar with 2009 standouts like Jordan Hamilton, Derrick Favors, David Wear and his twin brother Travis.

Jrue Holiday- It was an interesting day for Holiday while we watched. As usual, the attacking wing was impressive on drives to the hoop where he utilized either hand to keep advancing his dribble. Maybe more remarkable than his ability to get into the lane and finish is his nearly unequaled ability to grab his own rebound and score on those buckets that he can't get to fall. Listed at 6-4, the North Hollywood (Calif.) Campbell Hall guard may be a bit closer to 6-3 but that really doesn't matter because he's plenty athletic, strong and versatile. So versatile is Holiday, that one can't rule out the possibility of him eventually making an at least part time move to the point on the college level and beyond. He didn't shoot too many jumpers during his early games and made a few uncharacteristic mistakes trying to force the action, but there's no question he's the real deal. Ideally, he'd like to make a decision by the end of the summer.

Derrick Favors - In some circles, this fine looking 6-9 power forward from Atlanta (Ga.) South is considered the top prospect in the class of 2009. While his exact ranking is up to debate, there isn't any debate that he's one of the premier young big men in the country. Some guys have a habit of making the game look ridiculously easy and Favors certainly falls into that category. He runs incredibly well, has nice skill on jump hooks to either shoulder and he's got all of the athleticism in the world. Maybe most impressive is how agile he is inside the lane and his ability to move laterally. He's going to be recruited at the highest level and UNC is said to be plenty involved at this stage.

Jordan Hamilton - Here's a guy that may be a new name for North Carolina fans, but those who follow hoops nationally know the 6-6 wing as one of the top talents in the class of 2009. An athletic slasher who wills his way to the cup off the bounce going either right or left, you can always rest assured that he's going to attack the rim with everything he's got. The product of Los Angeles (Calif.) Dorsey already has a terrific basketball frame and he's likely still growing. He doesn't take all that many jumpers yet -- primarily because of his fantastic driving ability -- but he's a very capable shooter and a kid that will certainly be heard from down the road.

David Wear - It's only fair that we separate the Wear twins despite how similar they are in their approach. For his part, David is a 6-9 combo forward who looks very comfortable moving around the perimeter and he can put the ball on the floor some. Around the hoop he's a fairly quick leaper who loves to spin for short hooks off the glass with either hand. He's obviously been coached very well and looks to be on the verge of really hitting his stride and becoming a terrific player, and not just a terrific prospect. According to David, he grew up watching UCLA and North Carolina the most.

Travis Wear - Ask one scout and they'll say that they prefer Travis, ask another and they'll say that the prefer his brother David. The fact is, you can't go wrong with either and whoever gets one is getting the other because they are a package deal all the way. You have to love a 6-9 sophomore who can bury mid-range jumpers driving to his left and he's also an alert and clever passer. Not surprisingly he's skilled in the post and like his brother will really blossom as he adds strength and embraces becoming the high level player he can be on a more consistent basis.

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