Real Deal: Jrue Holiday Spotlight

FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. --- Maybe one of the toughest things on young players who spend their weekends traveling the country to play on the club circuit is adjusting to the wildly varying level of competition. Jrue Holiday saw an example of that on Saturday at the Real Deal on the Hill.

During his first game of the day, the 6-3 wing and his Pump ‘N Run teammates jumped all over an inferior opponent 19-1 in the first few minutes before cruising to victory.

The next time out, the Pump group lost to a deep, talented and athletic Southeast Elite squad. In order to avoid overlooking opponents and slipping, Holiday does his best to take the same approach to each game.

"It doesn't matter to me who we play or when, a game is a game," said Holiday. "I'm going to go hard all the time."

Given that the Real Deal takes place during an open evaluation period where coaches can come out to watch, Holiday puts his smooth and versatile game on display in front of a large following each and every time he takes the court. With college hoops heavy hitters watching his every move, nobody would blame him for taking an occasional glance into the bleachers to see who is watching.

According to Holiday, he's not worried about the coaches and he hopes his teammates aren't either. In his mind, there's a much more important task at hand.

"Not really, I don't notice (college coaches). I'm here to win," said Holiday. "I think that's what my team is here to do, at least I hope. If we do what we're supposed to we really shouldn't have time to be looking into the stands."

During Holiday's junior season, it was widely speculated that he would eventually cut his list of schools like North Carolina, Arizona, UCLA, Washington, Arizona State, UConn, Texas and others to a more compact group. However, Holiday says he isn't sure if or when he'll cut a list down. But, he did provide some insight into when a school choice could be made.

"I'm really not sure right now, I'm really not,' Holiday said. "I don't know when I'll make a decision. I've been thinking about it but I'm not sure, maybe at the end of the summer."

As for North Carolina's involvement, Holiday says that the Tar Heels -- who had assistant coach Joe Holladay on hand to watch him Saturday -- have been as aggressive and dutiful in their recruitment as any other school. He also talked about his winter unofficial visit.

"The Carolina visit was cool," said Holiday. "I got to meet Michael Jordan and I hung out with the players so it was really nice."

Finally, as for what exactly it's going to take for a school to feel right enough for him to commit, Holiday is admittedly confused.

"My mom was talking about that the other day, and I don't know. I guess I'm going to have to find out soon," said Holiday. "Distance won't matter at all. It's going to be whichever place fits me best."

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