Q&A with Tyler Hansbrough (w/audio)

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. --- North Carolina sophomore Tyler Hansbrough announced at the team banquet Tuesday night that he will return for another season. After the banquet, he spoke with reporters ...

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Why have you decided to return?

"I'm not ready for the next step. Playing another year with Coach Williams will help me improve my game individually and there are also team things I want to accomplish. And college is a great experience for me and I'd like to be here another year. If I improve the way I want next year, you never know what could happen."

How much did taking another shot at a national championship factor into your decision?

"That was a big factor. Going to the Final Four and winning the national championship is a big reason to want to come back. We were so close this year and I want to be involved with something like that."

Was this an easy or a difficult decision for you?

"I think it's a difficult decision. I thought about it a little bit - I didn't really say anything to anybody and kind of kept the decision to myself."

You mentioned this was a difficult decision. Did you feel a weight lifted off your shoulders when you decided?

"Yeah, there were a lot of people asking me and it got to the point that I got so mad I told them I was leaving. But this is too great of a place for me to cut it short like this. For my situation, I felt it was best for me to come back."

Next year, as a junior, this will be your team. Will you speak up more and take on the leadership role?

"Yes, definitely. That's what came to me at the end of the year, I started to be more vocal and that'll be a part of my leadership role next year - being vocal and being more of a leader."

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